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Mobile Patient Combilift - TR 9650

The TR 9650 mobile patient combilift easily converts the patient lift from a stretcher lift to a chair lift or visa versa without any tools required. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries with high power and the belt driven device, the lift runs gently, safely, quietly and operates free from sudden movements. The chair lift simply lowers to floor level for an easy person pick up. The lift is foot operated to give the attendant both hands free to tend the person.



- TR 9651 Lift base combi incl. battery charger
- TR 9651-S Lift base with narrower chassis (for use with chair only)
incl. battery charger
- TR 9654 Stretcher (for TR 9651)
- TR 9655 Chair (for TR 9651/TR 9651-S)


- TR 9660    Mattress for stretcher (TR 9654)
- TR 9680    Wall bracket for stretcher or chair
- TR 1650    Scale for lift
- Extension for lift base to increase the distance (60 mm) between lift column and chair/stretcher

Castors Two castors with brakes and two with straight steering
Control Foot control for height adjustments
Battery Rechargeable, 24 V
Overload protections Built into circuit board
Structure Powder coated and zinc plated and stainless steel
Lifting height 950 mm / 37
Maximum load 150 kg / 330 lb









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