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Height adjustable Autofill bathtub - TR 900A

The TR 900 height adjustable Autofill bathtub model is equipped with an easy to use finger tip touch panel controlling the Autofill system which automatically pre-fills the bathtub and shortens the complete bathing cycle. The ”key hole shaped” bathtub design gives extra width at the head end that gives more space for arms and shoulders and is an advantage when shampooing. The TR 900A bathtub can be equipped with a built-in cleaning and a whirlpool system.

The HiLo bathtub with different options, integrated with the TR 9650 mobile patient combilift, with chair and stretcher, completes a safe, labour efficient, person oriented bath cycle and fulfils staff expectations with regards to the “No lift policy”. The resident never leaves the comfort and security of the stretcher or chair during the entire bathing cycle.


- TR 900A
Height adjustable Autofill bathtub
- TR 900CA Height adjustable Autofill bathtub, Cleaning
- TR 900CWA Height adjustable Autofill bathtub, Cleaning, Whirlpool


- Head pillow


Installation Accessories
- Transport wheel beam and set of loading ramp
- Installation set TR 900
- Installation set TR 900C/TR 900CW



Length 2325 mm / 92”
Width 830 mm / 33”
Working Load Limit 150 kg / 330lb
Operating range 400 mm / 16”
Control Finger tip touch panel
Height - panel 1100-1500 mm / 43” – 59”
Height - bathtub 600-1000 mm / 23” – 39”
Framework Powdered coated and zinc plated steel
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz / 110V, 60 Hz









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