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  Invacare® Softform Active™ 2
Hybrid Therapeutic Support

Product ID: SRS3080
HMESA CODE: 10-10-09-00

The Invacare® Softform Active™ 2 Hybrid Therapeutic Support Surface is easily adaptable to aid both in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, enabling clinicians to respond quickly with a single mattress to changes in a patient’s risk assessment. The Invacare Softform Active 2 Hybrid Therapeutic Support Surface may be purchased as a static mattress without the pump and converted to a dynamic surface with the addition of a pump.

Mattress Features
• Modular construction: Allows for easy replacement of each component of the mattress

• Castellated foam cells: Breaks up surface tension of the mattress and allows the foam cells to move with the patient, creating comfort and further envelopment

• Exclusive bowtie design: Creates a cradling effect which helps to maintain the patient in the center of the mattress

• Built-in side rails: Allows for support during ingress and egress and an added safety measure for the patient

• Channels in blue foam U core: Tubes that supply the air to the cells nest within channels undetectable by the patient for added comfort

• Replaceable air cells: In case of accidental damage, individual air inserts can be easily replaced

• Air insert: The air cells alternate on a 10 minute cycle beneath the foam insert, delivering a very low impact at the point of change while delivering high levels of comfort and pressure redistribution

• Premium cover: Premium 4-way stretch cover helps in reducing the potential for shear and friction. Flap covers zipper, providing added infection control

• Power outage safety: In the event of a power failure, the patient is still resting on a high quality pressure reducing surface, minimizing the potential for skin damage

Pump Features
• Plug and play: Easily convert a static mattress to a dynamic mattress by simply plugging in the hose to the pump

• Step-up/step-down therapy: Using the same surface for a static and dynamic surface minimizes patient disruption and reduces caregiver effort

• Digital technology: Features an easy to read LCD screen with an audible alarm

• Weight assessment: Sensory software within the pump can gauge the patient’s weight, enabling pressure to be maintained accordingly at an appropriate level without caregiver intervention

• Comfort settings: Five adjustable settings available for patient comfort

• Quiet operation: At 32db, pump is quieter than ordinary conversation and allows patient to sleep with minimal distracting noise

• Language options: LCD screen information is available in nine different language options

• Concealed pump hose: The hose is fully covered with a welded sleeve to promote effective infection control

Dimensions: 80"L x 36"W x 6"H

Product Weight Capacity: 500 lb.

Sound Level: 32 db.

Warranty: 8 years Foam
4 years Cover
2 years Pump


Invacare APM SRS3080 Alternating Pressure Mattress

Invacare APM SRS3080 Alternating Pressure Mattress
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