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Tzora Portable Scooter

Tzora Portable Scooter Product Description. Folding effortlessly in seconds, the LITE is designed to fit easily just about anywhere: a small closet, tight elevators, narrow storage places and, of course, the trunk of your car. Take the LITE with you on car or airplane trips and be up and running as soon as you get there. Folded and stored for the night, it will be ready when you are the next morning. Slide the LITE into the back of a van with virtually no lifting effort and unfold it again in no time. There are no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open when folding or unfolding. It's that easy!

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.Tzora Easy Lite Folding Scooter
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•Safe and stable
•4 wheel ride you can take anywhere
•Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
•Folds easily and quickly
•Store in tight places quickly and easily
•Detach the battery pack and carry inside for recharging
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.Additional Information.Manufacturer EasyMedOnline
Product Code Tzora Lite
Specifications Carrying capacity:
250 lbs
115 kg


40 inches
101 cm

22 inches
57 cm

34 inches
86 cm

Folded (vertical)
40x22x18 inches
101x57x46 cm

Total weight:
59 lbs
27 kg

7 Ah 13 lbs
12 Ah 18 lbs
7 Ah 6 kg
12 Ah 8 kg

Weight without battery
46 lbs
21 kg


7 Ah battery:
up to 5 miles
up to 8 km

12 Ah battery:
up to 8 miles
up to 13 km

Weights & measurements are approximate










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