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traveling portable scooter

Traveling portable scooter "We really like the scooter and constantly get inquiries about it.

You sent us some cards but we have handed all of them out already.

If you want to send more to our home address, I'm sure we will continue to distribute them for you.

It has made my wife's life much better for her as she is able to get everywhere that she could before her knees bailed on her. "

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  Traveling portable scooter

Quite an amazing scooter for sure.

Mom is going to be thrilled when she sees it - I plan on giving it to her in May - Mothers Day present.

That is if I can wait that long. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to GREATLY enhance life for her.

I have a list of things we will be able to do again that we could not with the manual wheelchair.

THANK YOU!!!!! "

raveling portable scooter

Quite an amazing scooter for sure.

Mom is going to be thrilled when she sees it - I plan on giving it to her in May - Mothers Day present.

That is if I can wait that long. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to GREATLY enhance life for her.

I have a list of things we will be able to do again that we could not with the manual wheelchair.

THANK YOU!!!!! "




Traveling Portable Scooter


"Comments on my new scooter, after a week of use!

We HAD to seek out an alternative to the "lite" Pride Go-Go, as my exterior "lite" lift was tearing up the car's suspension after several years of use.

Unlike the traveling crowd, my main use is working daily in a gluten-free grocery shop.

The room to maneuver my old Go-Go (now retired for gardening at home!) was very tight...this zips around with room to spare! The errands I need to run are quick and easy, even the cobblestones, brickwork, ramps and small hills on some paths are handled with no issues.

With joint problems and using crutches to stand, I worried about being able to fold and lift the scooter and battery into the cargo area of our PT Cruiser...again, no problems there. Our cargo area has a shelf to hide contents, so leaving the scooter unfolded won't work.

But I know I can leave the scooter in the car, safely hidden, for every trip...without spending several minutes every time loading the old exterior lift! The only thing I miss about the Go-Go is that it could be operated from either handle. It is tough trying to open door handles on the right, when the speed control is also on the right...especially when carrying products in & out of the stockroom!

I do also have to be careful about not locking the red battery attachment 100% of the way in the lock is impossible to undo with any level of arthritis. Our shop is in a community full of college students and retirees alike.

I get stopped constantly by both age groups asking what I'm riding and where to get one! Perhaps we should add Scooters to our market's product offerings_G_!"

Liza Sauls

Hi Liza,
Hardy here from Munich/Germany, I'm the inventor of the Scooter.
Her is my trick to open a door with my right hand and drive through. When stopping on front of the closed door, I turn the handlebar 180 degrees. Now I have the throttle on the left hand side and twist it forward. The brake handle is a slight obstruction but it's only for a few yards until I'm through the door.
Best regards,


"I received my Scooter a few weeks ago and it's working great.

The lithium ion battery really holds a charge. Overall, I'm very happy with the design, operation and portability of the product.

I have been able to easily adapt to not having a "reverse" gear Your product is hands down the best use I've seen and owned.

I use my TS whenever I have long distances to walk and areas to navigate through and have done so without incident.

Many people have commented on it and happy to report that I ran out of the cards you sent along with my purchase and have taken to giving people your website info.

Thanks for designing a great scooter! All the best to you and your staff! "

Bob Bush


" In July 2010 I went on a trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong, Australia, where we travelled from Sydney up to Brisbane then to Singapore before returning home to the UK.

We were away for 3 weeks. This of course involved my Scooter and I.

The day before we flew out of Brisbane we visited Steve Irwins Zoo ëThe Crocodile Hunterí and to my delight I came across a gentleman on a Scooter. He lived on Phillip Island on the South / South East of Australia.

So excited we had a photo together. I have attached this for you.

Best wishes"



"I doubt that you often receive responses to your product within the first 8 hours of receipt, but here's one.

It's a life changer.

Instead of shuffling along on aching legs staring at the ground, I zipped about today in great comfort, looking at people, buildings, trees, everything like I'd never seen it all before, which, for the past few years, is probably true.

I was in and out of stores, galleries and a restaurant with my small dog in the caddy, none of which I'd visited for years. While supervising some construction work I'm having done I sat in comfort instead of standing for two hours with my attention consumed by lower leg and back pain.

Finally, at age 80, I'm having as much fun as I ever had, at a younger age, on Harleys and Hondas. Or in my aerobatic biplane.

I have long been thinking about the vast market for a device to fill the large gap between the human legs and a wheelchair.

I hope to never be resigned to the latter, but I'm delighted with the Scooter. (Well, maybe not so much the NAME. How about a model with a more manly moniker, like Travel Hog or Travel Chief? Travel Marauder? Travel Rocket? Travel Avenger? Chick Magnet?)

A very happy customer"

Thomas E. Josiah Brown


"I received by Scooter yesterday and I am very happy with it in my early try out, and the quality of the entire machine is superior to my expectations.

Also, I am very impressed with the simplicity of assembly.

Further, it fits within my small new hatch back purchased for the the very purpose of taking this scooter where I need it away from home.

It fits perfectly within the vehicle for transport having only to simply remove the seat.

It's weight is well with my comfort level for lifting it in and taking it out of my vehicle."

Jim Carnes


"My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my Scooter.

I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited.

While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment.

At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port.

The Scooter was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight.

We would highly recommend the ìTravel Scootî to anyone with limited mobility.

I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery. At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing."

Lorraine Buono


"We purchased a Scooter in hope of finding a light weight scooter that my wife can use by herself.

We asked if Scooter could ship the scoot 1 day earlier than promised so that my wife could take and use it on her cruise. That they did and the day after it arrived my wife left with it for the cruise.

She had no problems on her seven day cruise with the exception of having to back out of a crowed elevator. It took a little effort to do this with people in the elevator. Other than that, she was thrilled with the Scoots ability on ramps and the freedom that it gave her when she went ashore . She would not have been as free and mobile with a heavier scooter.

At least a hundred or so people on the cruise talked to her about the Scooter and asked her all about it They were amazed that mobility could come in such a light weight package. The local MS group wants her to bring and show it at their next meeting If only she was on commission.

Thank you for the Scooter"



"My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my Scooter.

I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited.

While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment.

At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port.

The Scooter was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight. We would highly recommend the ?Travel Scoot? to anyone with limited mobility.

I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery.

At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing."

Lorraine Buono


"I have a Scooter that I bought 3 or 4 years ago. I love the machine!

I have had a couple of little problems, but you have taken care of each one and the unit is working perfect.

I am asked about the cart almost every time I take it out. Everyone loves it and wanst information about it. I was wondering if you have info or flyers that I could give people?

If you want to send me any cards or flyers I would but happy hand them out to interest people."

Thomas A Vincenrt


"I took the bus to harrahs, cherokee, nc and spent a rather "productive" day...........

I am writing to tell you that the lilttle scooter was an absolute SMASH HIT!!! I had more people approach me to get more information on the little beauty than if i had been walking a little dog. I am thrilled with it.

please send me more of your business cards - I am flying to atlantic city on the 27th of january for a couple of days. I know i will need more cards............atlantic city is 5 times bigger than cherokee and that means so many more people want to get more information.

Thank you. "



"My husband loves his Scooter and every single time we use it we are stopped by someone wanting to know all about it!!!!!!

It has been fun to see how excited others get when we tell them all about Scooter and all the ways it has changed our lives in such a positive way!

Our friend, MIke just purchased a scooter from you this week after coming over for a test drive and to get answers he had before making purchase. Can't wait til his arrves...then we will start planning a cruise together!

Could you please send me some more business cards? I am completely out because as I said, every time my husband uses the scooter someone stops to ask about it! Some have even taken pictures of it and are so happy when I give them your card. I look forward to giving out your cards on a 2 week cruise we have already booked for the fall!!!

I feel as if I am your East Coast marketing rep!!! When I am sold on a great product, I can sell it!!!!

Thanks in advance for sending the cards, "

Janet Hamrick
Powhatan, Va.


"I am so thrilled with my Scooter. The freedom that it has given me is fantastic! I spent 4 weeks in Europe in October and it was a constant attention getter - in all languages.

First of all, I would like to be able to demonstrate it to anyone who is interested in the scooter and lives in North Central Indiana. I drove to Portage, IN to try it out before I bought it. It made all the difference in the world to actuallly sit on it and drive it before we ordered it.

Secondly, can you send me a supply of Scooter business cards so that when someone questions me, I can give them a card and refer them to you? I am so enthusiastic about your scooter and have SO MANY people stop me with questions, I'm sure I can help you promote your scooters.

Please get the cards to me ASAP..... "

Judy Broderick


"This is an order for a replacement SLA battery and drive belt.

These two items lasted over four years.

Thanks for making my wifes life a lot easier.

Cypress, Texas "

Wayne Soliah
Cypress, Texas


"I thought I should drop you a note after taking my Scooter on a Seabourn cruise through the Panama Canal, including Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

I have MS and the scooter is important for my mobility.

First, my experience with the airlines was very good. I flew American to Ft. Lauderdale and home from San Jose Costa Rica on US Airways. I called both airlines well ahead of time and informed them that I would be traveling with a small scooter and would want to gate check it. Both airlines asked appropriate questions about the lithium content and watt hours.

Both made note on my reservation and that greased the check-in totally.

US Air knew the Scooter by name, by the way.

TSA in the US was simple and they passed me through with just a scan.

In Costa Rica, they fumbled around with my allen wrenches, but finally allowed them, but confiscated my bungy cord used to secure the cover over the handles. I also had along a small roll of latex tape for possible repairs, but they took that too, I think out of confusion. Both airlines asked if I had electrical tape to cover the battery connector (I did) but never asked at the gate if I had applied it (I hadn't). Both airlines preferred that I carry the battery on board as carry-on luggage in the padded airline bag rather than attached that bag to the scooter. I packaged the scooter as you suggest and had no damage. The airline personnel smiled at the weight when they picked it up.

On board, the scooter was great. It's small footprint allowed access the even the smallest elevator (though there was hardly room for me), my room, and all doors and hallways throughout the ship. Seabourn has small ships (only 200 passengers on ours) and are therefore perhaps more liable to pitching in high seas than one of the aircraft carriers of Disney or Carnival and my balance is poor. The scooter is much more stable than me alone on my feet so that was a big help.

I expected to need the scooter on shore excursions, and it would have helped a couple of times, but taking it on and off a tender at anchor in high seas would have been difficult. So I signed up for excursions with minimal walking and just left the scooter on board. Maybe on future cruises it will see more port activity.

Thanks for your attention. I passed out a lot of your cards, so I hope you get some business. "

Scott Bowie


"Scooter recommendation and Experience.

My Wife and I both have Scooters.

We live close to Disney in Florida and use our carts at their resorts at least 2 to 3 times per month. For people with limited mobility nothing can beat the versatility of these little carts.

We have one heavy duty model and one smaller model cart, They fold so easy and make the disney trips enjpyable. We are constantly being asked about them as people from all over the world visit the disney parks. What interest most lookers is not just the size, but also the fact that with the appropriate adapter the carts are usable almost anywhere. The lithium battery and its light weight are what impresses people the most.

They can't beleive that this little battery drives our carts. We also fly frequently and using our carts to get around the airports is very handy.

One last comments. I have found these carts to be user friendly, and like anything mechanical they occationally need a little adjustment, I have found this not to be difficult.The tool kit supplied with the cart provides just about every thing you need.

If you are travelling a lot, I strongly recommend purchasing a universal plug kit, some extra drive belts, and the extra gear for use in hilly areas.

These are wonderful machines.

And don't forget that the company support is above average and has always been available to assist when needed! "

Frank Zarsk


"Many thanks for the Scooter, it is wonderful for me to get around on.

It is so practical and we can even fold and stand it upright in the footwell behind the passenger of our car.

I'll certainly recommend it to others.

Kind regards, "

Cora Laven


"My husband and I each have a Scooter and we really like them.

We just spent a week riding them around Mt. Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg and couldn't go anywhere without being stopped numerous times as people wanted to know about our Scooters!

Do you have any business cards which you can send us so we can pass them out on our next trip? I would really appreciate having a few of them, because we are beginning to feel like we're spokespersons for the company.

Thanks, "

Gloria Davis


"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my now three year old Scooter.

Last month we took a three week land/cruise tour throughout Eastern Europe followed by a Baltic Cruise on the Emerald Princess. The scoot was never lacking in power and handled the abundant cobblestones quite efficiently.

I am still using the original belt which I find both surprising and indicative of the fine workmanship that goes into the machine.

I went up some cobblestone ramps that were 15 to 18 degrees and the scoot never faltered (I did get a running start). I am so pleased with the fact that I still have the ability to travel. The Scooter allows me to continue to travel. "

Kathryn Tisdale


"I have had my travel scoot almost 3.5 years and use it daily.

All I have had to do is tighten a few screws and replace the belt. You have design and built a fine product and I have recommended the scooter to everyone that has asked about and there are a bunch.

Thanks, and have a great day. "

Darrell Reddehase


"We just got back from our trip to Europe and I wanted you to know how wonderful the Scooter performed.

I sprained my ankle the second day in Paris so it became my constant companion for the entire trip...we didn't miss a was ridden over cobblestones, in crowded stores through airports , on many trains on sightseeing boats and we never had a is so compact and well designed...everyone in our group was awed by this little dynamo.

Thank you all so much for your help and assistance in ordering and answering my many questions,"

Margret Speight


"I Just want to tell you what a great trip I just finished.

Went to Montreal, Canada on Delta from Seattle, changed planes in Minnesota - landed in Montreal - no problem took the 'heavy' batteries - drove it up to plane door -lowered handlebars - disconnected battery - removed my Tote Bag from Canvas floor and onto plane.

Upon arriving at next destination - waited on plane for everyone else to get off - then came off plane and there was my scooter waiting - They never asked me to remove the battery case - or break it down - they just handled it like a stroller . Then I was at a hotel for night - used the scooter to go to dinner - boarded ship - rode my scooter up the gang plank - Holland America people were there if I needed any help.

It worked fabulous on cruise -I couldn't have done it without the scooter as the ship was large and hallways so long - but riding it -I was like a kid again and didn't have to expend my energy trying to walk slowly. I had at least 3 men on my trip ask me in detail about my scooter as they thought they would need one too for health problems (I gave them the cards Tony gave me) -then ended cruise in Boston - rode the scooter through the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel and out on sidewalk to the Fine Arts Museum - worked just fabulous.

Went home on Alaska Airline - same as Delta - rode scooter all the way to plane door - got off with my Tote Bag - when I landed back in Seattle - got through the plane door and there was my scooter all ready to go - just plugged my battery together, raised the handlebars and off I went to baggage.

Speaking to an airline desk person - and she seemed to say that I would have been able to bring the Lithium/ion battery if it was in a contained case -so maybe that's what Scooter needs to do design a fitted hard case with velcro for the Lithim/ion battery.

Not once did anyone ask to see the battery or even unzip the canvas bag. That would have been so much lighter to manage on the trip and the airlines didn't seem to make any fuss about anything - everyone was just so kind. I did travel light (only one Tote Bag to carryon) checked my big suitcase and they really appreciated it.

It's changed my life and my travel abilities to go out and explore the sights again. I would recommend buying one if you can fold and unfold the scooter and lift it into your car or trunk (I could).

Thanks again."

Bev Clark


"I made a testimonial when I bought my scooter some three years ago. I liked it then, I love it now.

I just changed the drive belt a few minutes ago. What a snap. Really easy and fast.

Thanks for all of the freedom you have given my family and me."

Mike Perks


"First of all please accept my lot of thanks for helping me by providing a Scooter for which I am fully satisfied. I am using it since I received, it is really fantastic and help me to move frequently in the offices as well in Supermarkets. Otherwise I was unable to go to Supermarket to enjoy shopping etc.

With Kind Regards and Thanks, I remain."

Hashim Bakhsh
Saudi Arabia


"Just thought I'd let you know how the whole saga turned out. The Mighty Scoot was a champion thru the streets of Paris and Amsterdam, even on cobblestones.

The whole airline thing worked out beyond my wildest expectations; I had escorts at every airport who made sure the battery got on, and it was also in my PNR. I'm just blown away by the whole thing!

For anyone who wants fo know, Amsterdam is a very accessible city, and the major museums were free for handicapped patrons. Love the scoot. BTW, it was the talk of Paris -every day someone asked me about it."

Deb Jensen


"Just a quick note to tell you how happy my husband and I are with our Scooters which we bought in Australia about a year ago.

Took them on a long cruise and got off at every port - nowhere was too far for us now! And we have a "date" every Wednesday and we go to the zoo, museum, art gallery, places we couldn't think of doing for the last 10 years. Thank you!

No problem with the airlines - husband rides his scooter to the plane door, but this is where I have a problem. I have to use a walker and trying to carry a walker while riding my scooter is an impossibility because when I close my A frame walker the front wheels end up at a different height to the back wheels, so it falls over and I can't push it alongside me. But if I check-in my scooter the distance is often too far for me to walk using my walker - and so my dilemma. How do I travel with both pieces? I have searched the internet for an answer to this and realise that I need an X-frame walker like the Volaris S7, but then as it is still a very akward L shape, I need the uprights to fold down like the steering column on the Scooter (similar to how a stroller folds), and of course it needs to be lightweight. Then I can toss it into a bag (even maybe my Scooter bag), and carry it on Scoots bottom frame. So I hope this will be the next thing you will design!

In the meantime we will continue to enjoy or well-earned retirement and keep giving our Scooters a good workout! Did 13 km on them last Wednesday - right round the river to a local cafe and back, admittedly on the flat, but had no problem at all with battery usage. Which is pretty good as we are both big people. And how nice it is not having to rely on getting a disabled parking spot!


Chris Torrance


"I have just returned from a few days in London and a cruise of the British Isles with the Scooter. I probably handed out 6-7 cards, so you should get some more business. (Would you like to send me on more trips as a salesperson? LOL )

Scooter was amazing. Did you know that you can ride it into London's black cars (cabs)? They have a ramp that pulls out. And Scooter was wonderful on the cruise. I was able to go anywhere on the ship, and on tours the bus driver simply put it under the bus without my removing the battery. (One bus driver, at my insistence, even discovered how much fun it was to ride. You should have seen the grin on his face.)

Air travel was a snap with Scooter. I got to go through the wheelchair lines at security and customs, so it was very speedy. My biggest problem was curbing my speed - it was so much fun to find an empty hallway and speed down it.

Now that I am home I have taken it to the mall. I haven't been there in years (and there are lots of places to speed). It is so maneuverable that I can go around the circular racks to look at clothes. I have freedom I haven't had in years.

Thank you!!! "

Sharon Williams


"I purchased a travel scoot from you in March of this year and have used it on cruises, touring around, getting around the hospitals at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital. I firmly believe that the Scooter is the best thing since buttered bread.

I also own a Pride Revu and a Pride Hurricane and love both of them, however since getting the Scooter they have rarely left the garage.

I do have one problem that I believe you can help with, I need more of you business cards. Everywhere I go I am stopped and quizzed on what I think of my scooter and where can it be purchased. I gave out the cards that you sent with the scooter on the first cruise that I took it on. Now I have to carry notes with your name and address, more cards would make it much easier to direct customers your way. Thank You for coming up with the scooter that hes given me back independence. Please send me a stack of your cards. "

Michael A Knight


"Before I used my Scooter, I was worried about two things. First, how long the battery would last (LiIon). Second, how the Scooter would work on inclines. I went to Carmel, CA with my kids and the Main Street there is quite steep. My GoGo scooter would not have worked at all there. I am happy to report that the Scooter lasted all day, and went up and down every incline, surprisingly so. Overall I am delighted with the Scooter. I really enjoyed myself that day at Carmel, and didn't have to constantly think about how to get around (the way I used to with my GoGo scooter). Thank you!!!"

Lee Davis


" I got my Scooter yesterday, and LOVE it! It's a purchase that I would gladly make again if I had to do it all over again.

We went out on it last night, and I haven't been that far (with the exception of being in a car) in years. I even took it into a store! The turning radius is amazing. I have plans to actually go out and DO things, happily, on the weekend, knowing that I wont be exhausted from having to get anywhere.

Thank you so much, I am so pleased. "

Demerise Michaud


"I continue to thank you each day that I have this wonderful scooter in my life. "Scoots" has made such a difference because it has enabled me to continue interacting with family and friends, as well as continuing to work full time -- all of which were becoming difficult (& at times impossible).

I can't imagine being without it. But I do have a question: while I wouldn't take my scooter out in inclement weather (the *only* thing that seems to stop me now), I worry about having to use the scooter in the rain (or being caught suddenly). Sometimes just waiting out a storm isn't possible. Should I wrap the battery and the connector in a plastic bag? Should the motor housing be somehow protected as well? Would it help to keep some plastic wrap available in case I had to wrap it around the motor and the battery? Hurricane Irene is bearing down on us here in the east, and it's not always possible to get about in enclosed areas (garages, covered walkways, etc.). Any help or recommendations would be really appreciated."

Carol Janus

Dear Carol,
I'm glad the Scooter works so great for you and for thousands others by now. While it is not recommended for any electrical item to be exposed to water, it is safe to say that rain most humans can stand is also not much of a problem for the Scooter. Adequately covering motor, battery and wires is almost impossible. Just avoid getting it soaked in water and if puddles of water cannot be avoided, drive very slowly to avoid splashing water. When taking shelter, take the scooter with you and don't leave it in the elements.
Best regards,


"I have just returned from a holiday in Vienna where I could not have had a really good experience without the use of my Scooter. There were one or two problems with the airline (BA) but overall the experience was positive.

I am delighted with the extra freedom I have since buying my Scooter; it has attracted many positive comments and enquires from would be purchasers. "

Elizabeth Michl.


"The Scooter has changed our lives.

Mike really fought me over ordering this "contraption" over the internet. Going to waste our money, etc. but after one day he saw how wrong he was.

My husband, Mike, got his Scooter 2yrs ago this Thanksgiving. He uses the scoot perhaps once a week, sometimes it's a couple of weeks.

Our trips out are usually to the mall, Wal Mart, etc & maybe an hr or 2 at a time. I was wondering how long we might expect his Li-ion battery to last.

We are planning a cruise for April & it will get a good deal more use than in our every day life.

Last fall we traveled to Michigan, to Mackinac Islands. In the spring we are taking a cruise. Mike is a big guy, at 260+ lbs, but it works beautifully.

When we go to the Univ of Iowa Hospital for checkups even the doctors are in awe of this little machine.

Thank you so much."

Kathy Crow from Rock Island, IL.


"We really enjoyed being able to go places together again. The Scooter made it possible for us to take in sights together that Phil would have missed before because he did not like using a wheelchair to get places.

The Muir woods were a test of Phil's driving skills on the very uneven, pot holed trail, but the scoot was up to the task - Couples using the park service wheelchairs asked where to get the scoot and were disappointed they could not go into the office to rent one. One couple took your card.

The docks, arboretum, conservatory, Streets of San Francisco and Calistoga; all were a breeze on the Scooter. The lithium Ion Battery never gave out on us - used it for full days and recharged each night. The unit was so light I could lift it in and out of the SUV easily. (The Jr. Size - we left it fully assembled) I only folded the unit for the taxi rides to and from the airport."

Kathy Jackson


"I have had a Scooterer since 2005 and can not say enough how happy I am with it. I am thinking I would like to buy one for my parents."

Lynne Unverzagt


"Thank you very much for the quick response and also for providing such a fantastic scooter. You have no idea how it helps a person by giving them independence especially when you can no longer drive a car.

Thank you again for providing fantastic service backup.


Bruce Jones


"I like my Travel Scoot very much. This scooter has been a life saver on vacation as I am able to see things and get places that I never could before. I have had several people stop me and ask about it. I always refer them to your website.

Thank you."

Philip Zelias


"I would like you to know that I have received the Scooter and am simply delighted.

Apart from being very effective, it is beautifully designed and so charming.

I love the feeling it gives. I no longer feel small as when in a wheelchair. I feel free and happy. I feel as if my disability has vanished.

Kindest regards,"


"I am a 85 year old World War II Veteran, disabled due to 5 knee operations and other medical conditions. I have a home in Newnan, Ga. and a vacation home in Welaka, Fl. I have been a patient at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fl. since 2005 and spend considerable time traveling.

I purchased a Travel Scoot from the inventor in Lantana, Florida approximately two years ago. I have been most pleased with my scooter and it has done an awful lot of traveling with me.

I am disabled and have had it in many trips to Mayo Clinic in florida and other medical facilites in Georgia. I had a very sucessful trip to Honolulu in Oct. 2010. The airports and air planes were no problem. Everywhere I go, I have people wanting the details about the Scooter and where can they get in touch. I just talked to one man at Mayo Clinic in Florida this last week (Mr. Harrison). He called me a couple of days ago and informed me that he had ordered him a Travel Scoot and thanked me for my help.

I have attached a picture of me on the Scoot in Honolulu overlooking Waikiki Beach. You may feel free to use this picture if desired. When people ask me how to get in touch with you folks, I am embarrassed because I have no cards or info. I would be most appreciative if you would send me these items that would help me sell your product."

Bill Fossett


"I returned last week from your lovely country. I was able to "drive" around so much on my fairly recently acquired Scooter. I was stopped so many times by people enquiring about my little "Ferrari" and was able to point several enquirers (American and Canadian) in your direction. Hopefully with some degree of success. As I always direct them to the Computer site, would it be possible to send me a few business cards, so that in future I can refer these people directly to you?. Even in Australia we have American visitors, and I have several times been stopped by them here also.

Thanks. Kind regards,"

Frank Durra


"I just returned from a 30-day cruise on ss. WESTERDAM to Hawaii and French Polynesia. I took my Scooter with me and it worked out flawless.

We traveled in a regular veranda stateroom, and the Scooter fit right through the cabin door without having to be folded up, and it did not take up so much room as to inconvenience us. Going on shore excursions it presented no problems taking it on a tender and on shore it performed even on unpaved roads.

What a terrific help for an 80-year old guy whose hips are not as hip as they once were ! Thanks again, you make a great product !"

Philibert F. de Lorm


"I have recently purchased your wonderful Scooter and it is heaven sent!

I don't like the usual scooters as they look "too official" but this is great and turns heads."

Jane Kinroy


"I wanted to add my thanks for such a wonderful invention. I am constantly being stopped by people who admire the Scooter, and always point them to your web site.

Many thanks again! Regards,"

Peter Gent (eastern England)


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My world has opened up again. I can go anywhere and do anything without the stigma of a large scooter -or worse, being pushed in a wheelchair.

So many people stop me, to inquire about the Scooter, that I've developed a quick response - "GO ON LINE TO Scooter.COM, AND YES, IT IS AMAZING".'

An additional thank you for the tip on airport logistics. I'm going to try the new strategy next week. Hope you know what an incredible product you have and what a difference you have made in so many lives."

Rosemary Heath


"I have had my scooter for about 8 years now and am glad to have people come over to take a look at it and try it out. I also love to talk to people in stores and hand out brochures.

Thanks I love my scooter!!!"

Joanne Cobb


"I bought my Scooter from you a couple of years back.

Suffice to say I love my scooter.

It has been a reliable aid in travelling to far corners of this country and abroad.

I like to think I've steered a good many others to you with my frequent and enthusiastic testimonials.

In a world sinking under the weight of overhyped disposable junk, this is a great product. "

Daniel Baker


"Here are two pictures one from last xmas at the airport with our carry ons and one from this xmas at Disney World. You can see that with the standard seat we both fit on it. Made Disney's busiest week just great. I could whisk her across the park in no time and the battery held up every day. Unfortunately both were taken with my phone and a little low res.

Thanks, "

Deborah L.


"I have used my Scooter for 19 months now and what a marvelous life changer it has been. It is used daily, running time between two to five hours, bum on seat time from two to eight hours.

It takes me less than two minutes to break it down or reassemble to and from the trunk of my car. This process has been performed on busy days up to ten times.

I had originally purchased my Scooter with two Lithium batteries and I just swap them out each day with a freshly charged battery, or at times when I only use the machine for an hour or so a day, one battery lasts a whole week.

It has brought much mobility into my life as I now go to places that I never would have gone before.

I have made some modifications, by adding a water bottle holder, a wine glass holder and an umbrella holder. I removed the backrest and added a high quality lambswool pad to improve my comfort on days where I am seated for long hours.

Your machine has drawn a lot of attention and I have been stopped by interested parties probably two or three hundred times for information and give some a ''little sit" and others have even had a "little test ride". I sincerely hope that some of these interactions have eventually become sales as I have pointed them all to your web site.

You certainly provide a life changing opportunity for people with disability issues. regards"

Ian Slattery Australia


"Mike is having a wonderful time using his travel scoot.

We are causing quite the stir too. Everywhere he goes he is asked where he got such a marvelous scooter.

So light and so useful. Everyone seems to find a need or someone who needs one as soon as they see Mike zooming around.

We have used the Scoot in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and tomorrow we land in Malaysia.

It has made the life of a Parkinson's patient so much easier and so much more fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "

Joyce Dallam


"a HUGE thank you!!

I am extremely pleased that you have taken the time to make this product.

I have used my Scooter every single day.

I sit on it during meetings at work. I take it to lunch. I ride with my peers to coffee in the morning.

When my health turned I felt left out of everything. If I had to describe it in a word, it would be "autonomy". I was always stuck depending on others and often going somewhere I didn't want to go.

Scooter has given me back my autonomy; now I go where I want, when I want because it is so light I can manage on my own.

Now my wife can't walk as much, so with the two shopping baskets and a store basket under my knees I can do the shopping. And if I forget something 'way off in the back corner of the store' it's no big deal to zip off and get it.

Best Regards,"

Gordon West


"I have shown off my Scooter to several people, and at least two have gone ahead and purchased one. I don't know if William R. will do likewise...

I have had mine now for nearly three years and it is in use every day.

I carry it in the back of my small hybrid - with a folding bicycle so I have a choice of transport.

It has also travelled widely. I am just back from a trip to London where my 3 year old grandson spent a lot of time on my lap. (He can now drive it, throttle, steering, the works - all but the brakes!)

We fled London for some warmth and spent 5 days in Marrakech, Morocco - lots of travelling in the Medina, the old walled city, bumping over cobblestones and getting carried up and down stairs. The Scooter performed perfectly.

Additionally mine has been to New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Lewes, Brighton, the Isle of Skye, Paris, Toulouse, Delhi and the Taj Mahal.

I have attached a photo I took there. Thanks again for the gift!"

David Jeffrey


"We are VERY happy with the Scooter -- it has been to many countries with no problems at all for over 2 years.

We have 2 Li-Ion batteries and are never without power even on long days with lots of touring.

I have made one change to it by adding a scooter hoist bracket to the bottom of the seat post with its pipe clamp, so now she can get it into the car easily with the Bruno electric hoist, just like all the previous scooters she has owned. The balance is perfect for the hoist.

And when we travel together I can lift it in and out of vehicles, fold it up, etc for maximum flexibility.

It's the best scooter she has owned, and has owned many over 20 years."

Allan Oas
Vancouver, Canada


"We purchased our Scooter a couple of years ago. We have loved it.

It opened up a whole world to us that we had previously had to forget about.

Wow! We've taken it on vacations, been able to shop malls, been to local and state fairs and stock shows, taken it on our motorhome for ease in getting around rv parks, loaned it to friends who would love to have it, and I've used it at work to get around the huge plant where I work where as before I was limited as to what work I could do due to being unable to walk distance and duration.

In addition, the local hospital where my husband has been a patient a LOT these past 2 years is huge. The Scooter has been a god send for both of us. We have not yet attempted to travel via air with it, but when we went to Savannah we were certainly wishing we had brought it along!"

Dorthy Casten


"I have now ridden my Scooter with the larger Li-on battery around SF for about a week and am very pleased.

I've even ridden up and down one of SF's justifiably famous hills, it went up w/o problems with the original motor gear, though I will probably move to the high torque gear in time if only to keep me from high speed crashes. It also went down safely, I have strong hands, would not recommend Nob Hill in either direction if one has arthritis.

I get regular expressions of interest from pedestrians, scooter users, and wheel chair users. Even young men tell me it is "a cool ride".

The only concern I have is the bell gets loose on the handlebar and seems to be in danger of falling off regularly so I put a tie wrap around it and resolved the problem. I will put some blinking bicycle lamps on front and back because I regularly ride after dark.

I'm glad I bought it."



"My husband Ron is a devoted customer...we love the Scooter.

I just have a question-

The scooter stays in the trunk of the car all the time. We take the battery in the house because it has been getting really cold at night (last night it went down to 19 degrees). Is the battery safe in the car with the temperature that low? if not, Ron was saying that perhaps we could wrap it in a thermal blanket. Do you think that would work?

The main reason for the inquiry is because Ron can't carry the battery himself and feels bad about having to depend on all of us to bring it in.

Of course if you recommend bringing it in, whether we have a thermal blanket or not, we certainly will do that.

After all, this is his "freedom"!


Suzanne Nagel

Same cold here in Germany, brrrrrr. According to the battery mfg., freezing temperatures above Zero Fahrenheit should not hurt the battery. But as long as the battery is cold the capacity suffers ( considerable less distance on a charge) But in any case do not ride in snow because it will ruin the drive belt in no time.

Best regards, Scooter


"I came by with my family to your workshop last summer and bought a Scooter.

Just wanted to let you know that it has been working amazingly great for me.

I have traveled everywhere in US and even Mexico with it and love this product.




"I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with my scooter. It is better than new. I appreciate the time you spent.

After 3 years, hundreds of hours and miles, and two continents, the scooter looks and runs like new.

Great product and even better service!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ron Nagel


"We purchased a Scooter about 6 months ago and just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our purchase, it has changed my husbands life and mine because of its weight and ease to get in and out of a car as I am 64 and he is 71 and 100kg. It copes so well with quite heavy use and is the very best thing we have spent money on in a long time.

Thank you!!!"

Hanska Coenen


"I've had my Scooter (a/k/a Scoots) since September and I can't imagine being without it. It's made going to work so much easier, and cruising so much better. It's performing flawlessly -- as advertised.

I briefly compared notes w/ another passenger on my recent cruise who was also zipping around on a T/S -- we outdid each other in rave reviews for this wonderful addition to our lives.

I enthusiastically answered any questions I could from other passengers and crew members -- and even distributed some of your business cards (which I just "happened" to have with me!). You never know . . . "

Carol Janus


"I have had my sccoter now for more than 3 years and the li-on battery for over a year and it is still working wonderfully. My scooter is amazing. Freedom is spelled: Scooter."

Pam Wiley


"My new li-on battery really came in handy the last two weeks. My husband had an emergency triple by-pass surgery in the Houston Medical Center which is a very large complex that required me to be mobile at all hours and for long distances. I could not have been able to help him recover without my Scooter.

We are now home and more thankful than ever for finding the scooter on the net several years ago."

Pamela Wiley


"Hi! I am TOTALLY satisfied with my Scooter! My scooter has become part of me and I love it!"

Martin Largo


"I was delighted to find out my niece Jan Lipson had bought a Scooter for her father-in-law.

I can't tell you how many people stop me and ask me about my scooter. I always feel like I'm doing a good deed when I give them the information. The Scooter certainly has changed my life.

I've had more than a half dozen trips to New York and Miami and Los Angeles, and it's been a Godsend.


Carole Shaw


"Dealing with your firm has been a rare and distinct pleasure. Service like you provide is truly something special these days..

Best Regards,"

Gary Minton
Racine, WI


"During my trip to Boston I purchased a Scooter from your company. As I live in Israel I was concerned about the way to return it if it doesn"t fit my expectacens. Your office contact me with a very nice gentleman in Boston who owns a scooter for 2 years. I checked it and it looked good. I ordered it and it arrived to Boston in a week.

Since I received it my life was changed.

I was able to drive around for hours in Manhathan I can visit museums and I feel all the world is available while before a walk longer than 200 yards was a painfull adventure. The scooter is very easy to ansemble and fold, is secure and easy to use.

I recomanded it to many friends.

Thank you for designing and producing a really helpfull device for people who have walking problems.

Sincerelly Yours"

Meira Itzkovitz


"I just returned from a cruise on NCL Epic where I used my Travel Scoot. It worked exceptionally well and I had overwhelming interest about the scooter from other passengers, the ship's crew and even airline personnel. Everyone was impressed by the look of the scooter, its speed and handling abilities.

So, if you have anyone contact you, who say that Linda from Oregon sent them, I just wanted to let you know, that is me. You made a great scooter!

Thank you,"

Linda Tuma


"I purchased my Travel Scoot about 10 months ago and, wherever I go in the world, my journey is made longer by people stopping me to ask about the scooter. I have given out your website so much, I hope that some business has come your way.

My wife and I could not do without the freedom that the scooter gives us.


Cantor Arnold Schultz
Buffalo Grove, Illinois


"I love my scoot thank you for your hard work in making thi hapen and available to us."

Sandy Bowden


"As I said in my earlier email I am ill, plus have ambulatory problems, so I find it difficult to run errands and take care of personal business like going to the market, etc., but yesterday, I was able to go to my local bank, my local post office, my local library, and my local market, all one after the other, on the Scooter.

I haven't been able to do something like that in months, because I am easily exhausted. Even though I was exhausted when I got home (and still am excessively tired today-unfortunately it appears to be part of my illness), it was so nice to be able to take care of personal errands when I needed to.

The Scooter is a great help to me and I've barely begun to use it.

Thank you for creating such a great product."

Stacy Hackney


"Thanks for getting the scooter out to me so quickly.

Thank you again for your invention of the Scooter. This trip was the first time I had really used it and it made my vacation to California absolutely perfect - it did everything the website said it would do. I had a freedom that has long been missing from my life.

Thanks for all of your help,"

Sue Thomas


"My Scooter arrived at lunchtime today (4 day delivery perfect). My grandchildren wanted to search for some of the 40 painted toads around Hull (see attached).

My wife and granddaughter walked for 2 hours visiting the sites of 10 of the toads. I kept them company on my new Scooter ..... I certainly could not have walked that distance.

The Scooter handled very well up and down slopes and over a number of different surfaces. Also I was able to move through shops and up and down lifts easily. Already my Scooter has enabled me to do more than I could before and brought a lot of pleasure.

My thanks"

John Tillotson


"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the travel scoot I purchased justy abouty 3 weeks ago.

I am on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. I needed an advertising plate on the Scooter. I probably could have sold 6-10 of the scoots. I gave many people your web address. Today I had the owner of a medical supply company question me, said he has many customers looking for somthing exactlly like the scoot.

Fantastic and unbelieveable.


Bob Braun


"I belong to a group called EFFORTS, the emphysema foundation for our right to survive and just posted a very positive performance report on the Scooter on the site. A few people emailed me for more info and I even sent them a few pictures showing how I carried my oxygen on my Scooter. I told them that Travel Scoot was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I am so happy I made the decision to purchase my Scooter.

Next to my wife, its the best thing I ever done. Talk to you later "

Tony Kanzia


"So far I am very pleased with my Scooter scooter. I am impressed with the quality of the workmanship (machining finish, chrome plating, TIG welds, bag stitching, spring-loaded locks, etc.).

I took it yesterday to the Del Mar County Fairgrounds and rode it from 10 AM to 3 PM. No problems; normally I can only walk about three blocks while yesterday I probably went a total of two miles and had no pain. Today I rode it around the grocery store and was able to pick up several items that my wife would have missed (e.g.; a bottle of wine and some salted peanuts - now in the future she will have to check on me to keep me on my diet - HA!)."

Earl Towson


"First, THANK YOU for my Scooter. It has changed my life.

I can keep working with my heart condition now becuase of you.


All the very best,"

Bob Marriott


"What a day we had today, we arrived at the Brookfield Zoo at 11:00 AM and left at 6:00 PM. Ths was something I could only dream of until I received my Scooter aka Zoomba.

We spent the day with our daughter and daughter in law and 5 grandkids, what a wonderful day it was. We were all over the zoo, checking out the animals, having lunch, seeing the penguins, the butterflies and all the other animals and exhibits, then for a nice ride on the carousel, the kids had a great time, so did I!

This Scooter has opened a whole new vista for us and were really taking advantage of it. Walking around the lake, all around the zoo, next were going to Ravinia for a concert and then to the Botanical Gardens, things I never thought I'd be doing.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of our day at the zoo, see you all later."



"I have one of your scooters. Bought it last November. I don't use it on a daily basis, but it is terrific when I am traveling. Let's me go and do things that I haven't been able to do for sometime.


Keene Benson


"Thanks for making the quality of my life so much better.

Now that I've been to three continents with my Scooter, I have one additional tip. If you have the Lithium Ion battery, have someone make a translation of the DOT regulations in the language of the country you are going to. They probably have never seen one and it can be confusing for the personnel even if they speak some English. I actually had a nice pilot who came off the plane, rescued me and took me and the scooter on-board. After that, the translation went with me.

I have to add that my little scooter causes a sensation everywhere."



"I just HAD to write ant tell you, one more time, how GREAT my Scooter is!

I've had mine 2 years now and I couldn't be happier, really, there is NOTHING like having the FREEDOM my Scooter gives me. Other chairs may claim "mobility" but they are not telling the truth. With them you have to have people with you if you get into some kind of trouble, I can't lift one of those monsters by myself and I don't want to! Also you need a lift to get it into your trunk or a ramp, and oh, did I WANT to buy a van?

I have gone all over the US with my Scooter and the only problem I've ever had is that sometimes I thought I might miss my plane 'cause I was talking with interested folks about my Scooter!

Scooter is the one true traveling and scooting mobility device, I was skeptical when I first read about them but NOW, you can't stop me from bragging about my Scooter!"

James Furth


"We returned from the casino last night after a fun trip. I am writing to let you know that the ScooterER made a hit EVERYWHERE we went.

My 90 year old friend loves it and the attention he is receiving. People are in awe of the look of this scooter. Healthy people to elders have been heard remarking how they need one of those. I think it is the design and "UN-handicap" look of the scooter.

It is easily handled and maneuvers around the narrow slot aisles easily. The lower storage area has worked wonderfully for his knapsack of overnight stuff as well as purchases we all make.

I felt compelled to tell you about the positive public relations response this scooter has had. Such a good investment, although we bought it second hand, it was barely used. Thank you for sending the charger for the battery I purchased from you.

I have enjoyed dealing with your business. Sincerely yours,"

Linda Christo
Richmond, NH


"I have been using Scooter for 18 months now. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I really don't understand why I wasted many precious years of my life without it.

My Scooter has already seen 7 countries and more than 30 cities and been on a plane for more than 200 hours. In Singapore, people are intimidated to see me go to office, library, and super market in train, bus, and taxi."



"I have just returned from a 14 week trip to India with my lithium ion Scooter. I had a wonderful time as the Scooter gave me the freedom to go everywhere I wanted.

Its ability to be easily loaded in and out of even small vehicles and it's lightweight portability up and down steps made visiting historical (and not so historical) sites a breeze! It's tires easily handled the rugged terrain in the bazaars and happily bumped down the occasional curb.

I also had an interesting experinece in that I felt less vulnerable out on the streets than I would in my traditional powerchair or 100lb scooter because it looks more like a recreation vehicle than a handicap vehicle.

It was a great conversation piece, so in case you are curious about any inquiries on from India.... The only grief I experienced was with Emirates Airline who refused to permit gate delivery and insisted that the Scooter be checked in with my check-in baggage through to my final destination which meant I was trapped in a manual wheelchair during my London and Dubai stopovers. The irony was after the last leg London- Toronto, Air Canada delivered it to the plane gate however the battery had been tucked in my suitcase for safety so I still needed manual wheelchair assistance! As a result of this experience I wish to order the optional TRAVEL KIT as I am planning a flight from Buffalo to Arizona next month and the airline experience is as individual as the the people providing the service.

Thanks and regards,"

Mary Brennan


"Wow, this scooter and lithium battery are amazing.

I had been concerned about the range. Today after three round trips this week to my favorite cuban coffee shop at 2 miles each I drove the scooter for one and a half hours virtually full speed the entire time I figure that's about 11 0r 12 miles.

Very happy with your product. Thanks,"

Jules Levine


"My mobility problems started in the last year. I have been on three cruises this year, including a 10 day Baltic cruise. I was fortunate to get a HC cabin on the Eurodam. There were grab bars by the toilet and a roll in shower with a pull down shower seat and a hand held shower head. Unfortunately, I only had a seated cane with me.

After 10 days of walking to the dining room, I decided i HAD to have a better, less painful way to get around. I ordered my Scooter right before Thanksgiving. It is 100% more helpful and convenient than I ever imagined.

With the lithium ion battery, the whole scooter is around 30 pounds. I do have someone who can help me get around, but with the Scooter, I can do it myself.

It is such a relief to get to an appointment or a store without having to rely on someone else. In 20 minutes, I was able to set up the scooter and fold it back up. It fits easily in the back, or the back seat, of my Kia Soul.

I haven't traveled with my scooter yet, but will be cruising to the Caribbean in the spring. I have heard several peoples' horror stories of renting scooters through a company that works with the cruise lines. I figured it would give me piece of mind to own something I know will fit in a non HC cabin and be easy to transport and charge up.

Customer Service at Scooter is top notch. They can address any concern you might have."



"The trip my wife & I took this weekend was very enjoyable because of the Scooter.

It was so easy to use, I'm a big guy and I had no trouble getting on or off the scooter. I used the extension rings for the seat to give me more height it worked perfectly. I have a 4 wheel scooter that's bulky, heavy and it takes a city block to turn around. My Scooter can turn on a dime.

Thanks you so much for making my life more normal."

John Matejka


"We were one of the first people to buy a scooter from you in 2005 and have used it for many, many hours.


Raymond Cox


"The Scooter is awesome.

When i first read the testamonials I thought they were too good to be true. Not so, the scooter is every thing you said it was.

It has really changed our lives although only my friend needs it."

Robert Paul


"I ordered my Scooter on Nov. 25. It arrived the next week, and I absolutely LOVE it!

My friend has helped me to get around, but with my Scooter I don't have to rely on him. I am very happy to have some independence back.

Thank you!"

Linda Roberts


"I am so pleased with my Scooter that I offer the text below as a testamonial.

My wife and I love to cruise the world, however for a few years now my standing and walking ability has deteriated and life on-board these newer super cruise ships is not as pleasant for me as it was. We live in the UK so most times we have to fly long distances to be able to board our cruise ship and going through airports was also an issue until I found out about the Scooter.

Like the inventor of this wonderful machine, I had tried out all the other so-called light weight mobility scooters on the market - none of which did the job that I realy wanted - that ultra light, yet super strong collapsable aid that would make my life more enjoyable.

After speaking directly with the Scooter office in the USA, explaining explicitly my needs and getting favourable response for all issues, I paid by credit card and approx 1 week later I was the proud owner of one of these 21st Century gems, which in my opinion deserves an award or two or three!

My world travels now are a joy and everybody that I come into contact with is amazed - children think the "Bike" is cool and I hear them ask their mothers to get them one. Even the teenagers ask me where they can buy one as it is much trendier than a skateboard.

In October we cruised on the Navigator of the Seas which is over 1/5 mile long - our cabin was in the Fantail (Stern) and had I not had the Scooter I would not have been able to do much - as it was I drove everywhere on it.

On that cruise we visited Tenerife and I zoomed up the half-mile long steep hill to the top in Santa Cruz , passing conked out standard issue mobility scooters on the way.

I weigh over 250 pounds so don't think that accomplishment was because I was not heavy - I am!"

Paul Simmons


"I took my Travel Scoot to the San Antonio Riverwalk this week, and it did great.

I love the clasp you put on the basket--it reminds me of the electrical cord holders you can get at a hardware store, but yours had a little release button so it could be removed or attached as needed. Do you know where I could get some more? I've tried several places, but I thought I could use about six more for attaching various things to my scooter, like a cane on the front or a purse handle to the basket so no one can steal it.

Many thanks,"

Norma Brown


"I want to give you a testimonial and a couple of hints I have found out.

I just got back from Las Vegas and it couldn't have worked better.

I gate checked the scooter and picked van type cabs, and never even had to fold it up. It was comforting to know I could though if I needed a regular cab. The lithium battery easily lasted all day. I maneuvered through the crowds easily and comfortably.

Like most of your customers, I was stopped frequently and asked where I got the scooter. I finally wrote out the information out on pieces of paper from the hotel and handed them out when questioned just to save time.

Being handy myself, I have made a couple of small changes to my scooter, just to make it fit my needs even better. When I first got my scooter, it had been shipped without a seat, which you quickly got to me. While waiting on the seat I discovered that the seat and post from my bike fit the scooter perfectly. My gel bicycle seat was also pretty comfortable and much smaller that the regular seat. It also allows me to just stand up and push the scooter through my legs to dismount. Handy when in confined spaces.

Also, I discovered that 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe makes a great and light spacer for the seat post. Since I can cut it to any length, it allowed me to get the seat the perfect height. I painted it black and it looks like it belongs. I also added a drink holder and headlight that I picked up at a bike shop. I mounted the drink holder on the front of the steering post, and the light fit perfectly on the "T" that the grips go in to.

As winter is coming on, I find the dark parking lots safer if I have the light on and am more visible. Maybe you could pass on some of these discoveries if someone asks.

I am very pleased with my scooter. I can't imagine not having it anymore. As the credit card company says, I never leave home without it."

Dennis Peters


"Thank you for helping to get this equipment to me in time so that our trip will be more enjoyable. I have used the Scooter to do some experimental shopping and can't believe the independence that it has given me.

My husband, like most husbands, hates shopping and I hate to ask a friend to lift heavy scooters in order for me to have an outing. This was so easy and handled so well.

We are really looking forward to a nice trip. We have a week in Hawaii before the cruise so we will have time to get used to the scooter in a lot of different situations. From the information that I have read, people that have used it on cruises say it was wonderful.

We will let you know how our trip went. Thanks again for your help."

Norma Parker


"Maybe you will remember that I called you from Hawaii to find out if you could help me get my new Scooter running. We had just received it before leaving for Hawaii. You were very helpful and we have been running ever since.

We toured, shopped, got in taxi cabs, rental cars, planes, ships - all with no trouble and everyone was amazed at the size and efficiency of the scooter.

I could travel everywhere alone, without my husband's help, for the first time in 22 years. My husband and I are both very excited about this new independence. In fact, when we go shopping now I help him gather things up because I am so much faster and sometimes he just deceides to sit down, have a cold drink and watch people while i do the shopping.

We can't thank you enough for this amazing design. I have had several scooters, but they were all so heavy and cumbersome that it was impossible for me to go alone and they were very heavy for my husband to load and unload.

Thanks again for what you have done to help so many people!!!!!

Thanks again"

Norma Parker


"We took it into hotels, in rental cars, taxi cabs, touring and shopping, on planes and ships.

It was amazing. It gave me so much independence and gave my husband much needed relief also.

We can't thank you enough for this wonderful design. We have had several other mobility scooters, but they have been so inconvenient. They are so heavy and bulky and make you still feel dependent.

This Scooter is so much fun, I can't wait to get on it again. Now when we go shopping, my husband sometimes sits down with a cold drink to watch people while I do the shopping - what fun we have had!

Thank you so much for the independence that you have given me for the first time in over 22 YEARS!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all you have done for so many of us."

Norma Parker


"I just love the scooter, it plans my day, so far 3 for 3, I have found an excuse to go out and about, exploring places I haven't been to in years because I can't walk that far...the Mall(s), Winco, Costco, Super Target and Super Walmart!

Boy, am I having fun!! Oh, heh heh, and the Indian Casino!"

Louise Strickland


"We've just got back from a weeks holiday in Ibiza where I used the Scooter every day after getting it there by plane following your recommendations on travelling with it.

I was amazed how many people stopped me to ask how it worked etc. I've collected a few enquiries so maybe there could be a sale amongst them!!

Anyway, we had a very nice holiday and my wife was so pleased she didn't have to push me in a wheelchair so thanks for that Hardy and have you had any response yet from the other enquiries I sent in the past? I'll be in touch soon Hardy with more enquiries,"

Mick Crabb


"The Scooter has greatly improved my life.

I have a muscular dystrophy. I can still walk, but places like Sam's Club and Lowes with there cement floors make it painful.

Now, I tell everyone I am taking my "harley" out for a ride when I use the Scooter. I am only 30 years old and this has brought a little joy back as far as going out with my family to shop.

I am very grateful for people like you that put forth the effort to create such a great product. It is also a pretty fun thing to cruise on! LETS RIDE!"

Casey Bowie
West Virginia


"Thank you as always for making my life easier and far more enjoyable. The larger seat you sent has helped a lot.

I get so many people asking about the Scooter that I have now just printed up a business card with your website on it and pictures of the upright and folded scooter on it. I copied the pics from your website. I am confident you don't mind. I hope you are getting additional business from the people I talk to.

Your very happy customer,"

Linda Harms


"I can't tell you how much I love my scooter. You are my hero! People look at me as I speed by and I get smiles from everyone.

Elizabeth Fisher is my sister. The recent scooter she ordered was for me and I was able to take it back to New Jersey when I flew home after being in Baton Rouge.

Travelling with the Scooter was a pleasure.

Best regards,"

Kay Miller


"My name is Daryl Mc Menamin and I am in my final year of mechanical engineering in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. As part of my final year project I have been assigned the task of reducing the weight of a mobility scooter.

As you can guess I have found the work you have done to be very interesting, from my research so far I haven't found another competitor who has come close to what you have achieved.

What I am writing you is in regard to advice on how you initially went about designing your device and what helped or influenced you along the way.

Any information you could give me and any advice would be greatly appreciated

Look forward to hearing from you,

Best Regards,"

Daryl Mc Menamin
SS Mechanical Engineering Dept
Trinity College


"I have to tell you what a blessing the scooter has been for me! The freedom it has given me!!! Now I can out go my husband!!!! We can do things now that I wouldn't have ever dreamed of doing before.

I have been stopped, and asked tons of questions... With the biggest smile I share the story, and the blessing.

I go shopping by myself (I still on occasion take the husband along). Life is ever sooooo great!

My Husband even signed us up to do the Breast CancerWalk, that his work is doing!I will send pictures!

May God richley bless you for this awsome scooter.


Keitt & Kathy Miller


"I know you get testimonials all the time about the Scooter.

Another benefit for me is happening because of the failing health of my 14 year old yellow lab. I know his days are numbered and I had assumed I would not be getting another dog because of my limited mobility. I've always walked my dogs for about an hour almost every day and am no longer able to do that. With the Scooter I now have the ability to take a dog out for exercise like I would like to do.

Two days ago I brought home a 10 week old Jack Russell puppy and he is already starting to mend the broken heart I have from losing my other lab a year ago and knowing I will lose Dakota soon. Words cannot even begin to describe how this is taking what I call this cloud of sadness from me. I will be starting to train this puppy - Roscoe - to travel alongside my Scooter starting today. I have a very long driveway and that will be our training ground.

You are changing lives in so very many different ways - I am so grateful for the day I found your internet site."

Fran Rezac


"This is the second day that I've been able to get from my Ravi to my desk and not be in tears! Thank you so much for figuring out the design. I couldn't handle even one of the other 'light weight' ones by myself. (I've been having my coworkers pick up my Scoot to prove just how light it is.)"

Krystal Park


"My scooter came in today. It's perfect. My brother had to help me tighten the small pipe going into the seat. I didn't have the right tools; he did.

I drove it around my sister in law's children's clothing store. All of the kids looked like they wanted to get on. The passages between ther racks of clotes are tight but I was able to get through without taking and racks down!

If I'm in a store with breakables, I'm going to get off and walk around. Tomorrow, I'm headed to Magazine St. in New Orleans to check out the Antique Shops. I can't wait.

Thank you,"



"I hope all is well with you.

I am Loving my Travels Scoot! I have been to Victoria twice, the Portland Zoo and the San Diego Zoo!

Get me the price of the larger seat, I think that could be more comfortable for me.

How is the new battery coming? I will want one of those as soon as they are available.


Glen Glancy


"Love my scooter and wonder if you have any folders or cards I could give to people who ask me about the scooter? I think you have my address and if anyone is interested in seeing the scooter, please feel free to give them my address and/or phone number.

Thanks for a great ride."

Jamie Schlemm


"We received our scooter about 2 months ago and we love it.

It is so easy to keep in the back of our SUV. We don't break it down all the way...just remove the seat and battery and put the handle bars down. Its easy for even me to lift.

My husband is the main user of this scooter as I have a larger mobility scooter. But mine is in the shop so today I took this one to the mall. As we are every time we go in public, I was stopped several times by folks wanting to know where I got the scooter.

Folks like its "sporty" look as well as the convenience. (I had no problem shopping and having a place to put packages as we have the canvas piece between the bars and we purchsed a basket for the front and one for the back. ) This scooter goes in between clothing racks in department stores much easier than my larger scooter.

Because we are stopped so much, I wonder if you have any cards or brochures that we can give those folks who ask us about the scooter.

Also, for those wondering, I submitted our receipt to our insurance carrier along with the prescription from the doctor. The claim was denied. Insurance and medicare have not yet recognized the freedom this design allows. But it was worth purchasing out of pocket. I love what folks are calling our "motorized tricycle."

Dorthy Casten


"I received the Travel Scoot and used it at the Orange County Fair...11am to 9:30pm... with no problems!

I then took it to Las Vegas and rode it through the hotels/casinos and did some gambling again with no problems.

The narrow width of the unit makes getting around in crowed areas a breeze!

Of course I received a lot of questions wherever I went and told them about your company.

Fantastic product!




"We love the Scooter, my husband Mushtaq finds it easy to manoever and can safely get it in and out of our car by himself. We eagerly await our first airline trip using it.

Many thanks, please add us to your list of satisfied customers. "

Chris Ahmed


"Now, let me tell you about our trip we just returned from, a cruise out of Venice, using Scooter.

That lithium-ion battery is amazing.

I zipped around the airports in Las Vegas, JFK, Venice and the lengthy process of boarding the cruise ship, and the battery was still going strong...and I weigh 260 pounds.

Your new advice about gate checking the Scooter worked perfectly at all airports... Las Vegas, JFK and Venice. The only deviation from your suggestions was that I carried the lithium-ion battery in its battery bag onto the plane with us rather than leave it on the scooter since it was so light. I felt better about having it in the climate-controlled cabin with us.

On board ship, the Scooter made my cruise.....I could go everywhere and do everything. The most useless thing I had on board ship was my cane....I never used it.

Thank you for inventing such a wonderful means of transport. The combination of the Scooter and that special lithium-ion battery made such a difference in my trip experience."



"I replaced the belt on my mother's scooter, she even did some "off road" scooting at Sarah Palin's going away picnic in Anchorage, Alaska !

She is seen here with another 'celebrity'! :-)

Thanks for all your support and help. The scooter runs like a charm, even after all these years."

Nancy Salois, LPN


"vielen Dank fuer die prompte Zusendung des Scooter. Alles hat super funktioniert und der Scooter ist wohlbehalten im Hotel in Seattle angekommen.

Wir haben den Scooter sofort auf unserer 14 taegigen Alaska Kreuzfahrt ausprobiert. Meine Frau, Lucila, hatte sofort die groesste Freude mit dem Scooter. Sie hat nun die Freiheit wiedergewonnen Orte zu sehen, die vorher nicht mehr erreichbar waren. Ich wuenschte, Du haettes das Glueck und die Freude in Ihren Augen gesehen. Ich fuege einige Bilder der Reise anbei, damit Du einen Eindruck bekommst wo uns der Scooter begleitete.

Ob auf dem Schiff, in Alaska, in Kanada oder in Mexico, ueberall wurden wir auf den Scooter angesprochen und ich habe mit groesster Freude und besten Empfehlungen Deine Webseite weitergegeben.

Nochmals herzlichen Dank und alles Gute von"

Burkhard und Lucila
Puebla, Mexico


"I'm enclosing a couple of pictures showing how I carry my Canadian crutches.

They are 3'-7" but they fit very unobtrusively.

Thank you!"

J. L.


"Loving the 'Scoot:

just back from a 16-day cruise round the Baltic & wouldn't have been able to go without it!

Went Fred Olsen. Couldn't use it on board, as late booking & not a 'wheelchair' cabin, which you must have to use on board, but stuck it under my bed & assembled & rode into the lift when we docked & down to the gangway, where the crew took it down, happily making brrm brrm noises as they went. It really was invaluable. Even the fearsome cobbles of Tallinn didn't cause it any problems,, altho' my teeth rattled.

Thanks for such a great design.

It was much commented on & a physio in Stockholm took photos & details.


Monty Chapman


"I really appreciate your wonderful service!

I went on my first major outing with my Scooter yesterday. I rode it to the park accompanied by my 9 year old granddaughter, and then let her ride it around the park. She LOVED it!!! Then I took it to the downtown museum where I parked a couple of blocks away, rode the scooter to the entrance, then rode it inside. It was really a thrill.

I feel like the world is accessible to me again!

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product, or begin to tell you how much it means to me to have the independence it gives back to me.


Skyler Freimann


"Just received my Scooter yesterday.

So far... LOVE IT!

I want to thank you for inventing this scooter. It is truly revolutionary.

I am a polio/post-polio victim. Scooter will open up a whole new world of liesure options for me.

I'm a retired chemistry teacher, and my wife just recently retired. Now we can look forward to years of easier travel thanks to you and the Scooter."

Lee Cordrey


"I have had my scooter for almost 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy it and USE it very often, although I am able to walk without just feels a lot better to USE it than to walk on my own.

Here's my problem, though...almost every time I take it out of my car, no matter WHERE I'm going, I get stopped by people to ask about it...where did I get it, what did it cost, how long does it run on a charge, etc. Although most of the people are on the internet, not all are, and they want to know more and more. I am so thoroughly happy with my scoot that I want you to sell more and more of them.

Do you have any brochures which I could have in my basket to lead these people to you? Or any business cards? I would be very happy to give them to people if you would please send me some."

Sally E. Nightengale


"My mother is back in Alaska visiting....with her Scooter, of course.

She has logged A LOT of miles on this thing without a second's worth of trouble.

Thanks for your help. She will not go anywhere without her Scooter. Actually, without it, she wouldn't be able to go many of the places she currently enjoys!

Take Care."

Nancy Salois
Anchorage, AK


"It's Joan in Seattle -- time to order the more efficient battery and get a 'back-up' plan on hand.

Thanks so much for all your help this past year or so, and thank you for ... FREEDOM!


Joan Milner


"It's a beautiful machine. We love it."



"I bought my Scooter when you came to Baton Rouge for the demo trip.

I am really enjoying the Scooter.

Took it to Disney World last month and had people chasing me down to find out where it came from.

The lithium battery was great. We left the hotel room in the morning and usually didn't get back until midnight and it never went below the full light indicator.

Thanks for the great product."

Ayn Erickson


"I can't begin to tell you how much I love my Scooter.

I've gotten very good at folding and unfolding.

It has changed the way I do my job. Because of my asthma issues, I would have had to quit my job this summer. My scoot is keeping me working.

I'm even getting used to have total strangers chase me to find out about the Scooter.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful device. It really is changing the way I do things."

Rhonda Postlethwait


"My new li-on battery really came in handy the last two weeks. My husband had an emergency triple by-pass surgery in the Houston Medical Center which is a very large complex that required me to be mobile at all hours and for long distances. I could not have been able to help him recover without my Scooter.

We are now home and more thankful than ever for finding the scooter on the net several years ago."

Pamela Wiley


"I want you to know how much I love this scooter.

Because of your smart collapsable design, I was easily able to tour Alaska, in and out of buses, boats, and planes where other scooters woulnd't have fit.

Thank you coming up with this design and allowing me to live a good life again."

Joni Berardi-Williams


"My dad and I have to RUN to keep up with my aunt Bernice on her Scooter! She is having the time of her life! (and is exhausting my dad and I hahaha!)

Here's a picture of bernice in front of the famous St. Mary's Church, in the main market square in Krakow, Poland. So far no issues, the cobblestones are a little bumpy, and we occasionally have to give her a bit of a boost, but otherwise, she's doing very well! We're off to Budapest tomorrow!




"Thank you so much for the extra battery charger. I'm using it now to charge my battery at my office.

Alan put my scooter together when it arrived, so the first one I assembled was Rhonda's. I don't know if you could have made it any easier. We had it assembled and were testing it outside in less than 5 minutes.

Rhonda says she's written your website address down and given it out at least ten times in two days. Hopefully you'll be getting more inquiries from Baton Rouge. Also, and I don't know if she's told you this or not, but she needed a scooter because she has respiratory problems that send her to the emergency room several times a year.

Yesterday, the first day she used her Scooter at work, she started to have an asthma attack but avoided it because she had her scoot. She told me she felt liberated. You've done a great thing."



"I just want to thank you for the wonderful scooter.

A lot of people asked of the scooter.

I want to tell you how it make my life much easy its so easy to use.

God bless you hope to see you in good health. Yours,"

Reem Alzabin


"I went out today shopping with my husband and we went to places I haven't been able to get around for over a year.

I absolutely LOVE your Scooter and it was worth waiting for.

It's beautifully designed and I love how light it is.

I know that it will make an massive difference to my life.

Thank you.
Kind Regards"

Julie Whyman
United Kingdom


"I have had my scooter for over 3 years and am very pleased with it.

I am not a light weight person and it has carried me successfully on 2 Caribbean cruises, a bus trip to New England, a train tour through the Canadian Rockies and many trips here in our own United States.

Without it there are many stores and events that I would not be able to attend."

Virginia Noble


"I am pleased to announce i received my Scooter one week ago.

Light, easy, good design; what emotional difference from a normal wheelchair! Just a little caution on surfaces not totally flat. Anyway, a good day to celebrate with a champagne cup!

Friendly Regards,"

Giovanni Bessč
Torino, Italy


"I just wanted to tell you that I received my Scooter the other day. My Mother purchased it for me. What a blessing your engineering is. Thanks for putting your knowledge to work.


Mike Perks


"Can you please send me some business cards so that I can distribute them to all who ask about the Scooter? I do quite a lot of traveling and am in the process of creating a website/blog pertaining to my travel experiences as a recently handicapped woman. I would also like to include a link to your website, if possible.

Your scooter has given me back my life as I can travel again by myself and can get the scooter in and out of my car alone! I keep it in my car and only bring the battery in the house!


Rosemary Kelleher


"It was a great machine and so easy to handle. Ken could not have enjoyed the trip to Florida if he had not had the scooter. He can only walk for short distances so we were well pleased."



"I'd first like to say what a great product you make. We've had a few outings lately to places like the mall and my wife absolutely loves her Scooter.

I can't wait to try it in the airplane. I think we're going to go to Sun-N-Fun in April.

Thanks again for such a great product.

More people should know about the Scooter!"

Joe Deaton


"I'm really enjoying my Scooter, it has a fantastic design and and is just what I needed.

Thanks for a great product."

James Miller


"My wife recently bought me the deluxe Scooter as a surprise present for my birthday.

I've really enjoyed it so far (especially because it is so portable). It's definitely been getting me out of the house more I have in a long time.

By the way, people have asked me about it when we have been out shopping. If you send me some business cards, I will give them to people who ask me about my cool scooter.

Best regards,"

Evan Upchurch


"I have recently been on a cruise.

I used my Scooter (I do not know how I managed before I purchased it) and was being constantly asked for details as the passengers were amazed to see it in action.


Malcolm Pryke


"First I like to say how wonderful the Scooter is.

On a recent cruise to the Mediterranean, I used the Scooter extensively and let me tell you it was a God sent. I never would of or could of made the trip without the Scooter.

Thank you so much for creating the Scooter and for your professional assistance in this matter.

God bless and have a great life as you have made mine so much better with the Scooter.

Yours Truly,"

Robert McElroy


"I really like my scooter. We traveled to Hawaii with it and it worked like a charm."

Lisa Vayda


"We purchased our Scooter in August, 2006, with the low gear option and we are perfectly happy with it.

The user gains freedom, but the partner also gains freedom--not having to push a wheelchair, not having to worry about the other person (except what trouble they're going to get into!!) Off they go by themself, and the partner can, too!!
The short version: independence for the user, AND independence for the partner. "

Dorothy Sunday/Liz Esterly


"My mother bought a Scooter approximately 1-1/2 years ago and loved it.

It made a trip to Peru possible for her that without your scooter would not have been possible.

She also had a full-sized mobility scooter, but preferred her Scooter at work (she was a librarian) due to it's compact size and maneuverability.

Thank you,"

Mark Oliver


"I received my Scooter in early September just before our cruise to Alaska.

The scooter made all the difference for me in that I was able to keep up with my family and had much more fun.

Thank you for designing such a fine machine. Our only problem was with the duffel bag which the airline did a number on, although thankfully the scooter itself was unharmed. For your information we have found that the scooter will fit in a hard sided "golf guard" holder and hopefully this will prevent future rips in the bag.

Again, thank you so much for designing such a great product. We live in Hickory, NC and would be happy to show our unit to others who are hesitant to buy without seeing the product in person.

Again, thank you."

Kathryn Tisdale


"Your Scooter is just what I have been looking for. If fact, I've wanted to invent one because I didn't think they existed!!!! Thank you for saving me a great deal of time and effort!!

Thank you, "



"I wish you lived in New Mexico, I'd invite you to come over and try it out! I absolutely love mine. I had tried out several other kinds and this one won hands down.

First of all, it is extremely well made and it comes apart easily and folds up easily and reassembles easily. I am 75 and had a problem loading other kinds of scooters even tho they were advertised as light weight...the length and width of those other scooter pieces made them too hard to deal with. I can easily load and unload the Travel Scoot without any help.

I have a bad lower back (doesn't everybody) and walking any distance is very painful. This year I took my Travel Scoot to the New Mexico State Fair and rode it for 6 hours and had a wonderful time. It is ideal for going to places like Home Depot that has concrete floors. As you can tell, I am a big fan and I believe you would be a big fan, too!"

Jo Thompson


"You will be hearing from a good friend of mine, also in Placitas, NM. She was over here this afternoon trying out my scooter. She loves the scooter.

I am really enjoying my Scooter. It is one of the wisest purchases I have ever made!"




I purchased a Scooter some time ago and it is being a great scooter. It is such a WONDERFUL blessing in my life; like so many others I can't thank you enough!

Kindest regards,"

Joan Milner


"I used the Scooter in San Francisco yesterday and I'm happy to say it's a near-perfect fit. The only thing required is an adjustment to the backrest.

I was able to lift and assemble the scooter without a problem. Now I can expand my traveling horizons. Thank you!

Coni Valentine


"At the end of April this year, my husband purchased a nearly new Scooter for me. I love it. I "walk" the dog, go to the store, visit friends & recently visited New York. It turned heads on Broadway & helped me discover Central Park. We stopped for coffee at Starbucks, sat near an electrical outlet & charged the battery while we sipped.

I have demonstrated it to physiotherapists & occupational therapists at a local Rehab Centre, let a store clerk in New York test it because he wanted one for his mother, & given out the website in Saskatoon, Montreal, Kelowna, Toronto & Calgary. Yes, I am THAT pleased."

Karin Buchanan


"I received the Scooter just 3 days after you had dispatched it and it only took a few minutes to unpack and fully assemble it. I am very satisfied with the way it collapses so that my wife can lift it in and out of the car.
My thanks for a splendid product which is beautifully manufactured.


John Sims


"The Scooter has already attracted a lot of interest here.

On Saturday we are off for 3 days hitting bird reserves in Norfolk - that the top bit of the lump that sticks out on the right side of England.

Scooter fits in the trunk by simply lowering the steering column and removing the seat back. When folded it fits easily in a cupboard at home. It's absolutely brilliant!

Best wishes,"

Tim Teffry


"I just put my Scooter together for the first time - it is awesome!

I have it in the back of my car to use whenever I need it.

The engineering is great. If I use it on wet pavement (I live in Seattle!)

Thanks again for a great product."

Richard Ryan


"Thank you for my wonderful Scooter. It arrived in record time and I was able to take it with me on my trip to Chicago.

It made possible all kinds of things that would not have been possible before. I attended a huge art showing at Navy Pier - the venue was at least the size of a football field. I never would have been able to see all of it on foot.

In addition, the battery took me from the hotel all the way to the show, carted me around all day long and got me half way back before calling it a day. No problem, though, we just broke it down and hailed a cab.

I have to say I thoroughly LOVE my Scooter. I have yet to use it without being stopped many times by people asking about it. In fact, if you would like to send me some of your business cards, I would be happy to give them to all of the folks inquiring.

Thanks again, for making it possible for me to get out and have a great time."

Christine Grant


"My Friend was here yesterday to see my Scooter. She put it in her car and drove it around on my driveway. She really liked it.

I also need some more brochures as i still have some of your cards.

I can't tell you what a difference this have made in my life!!!




"I purchased a Scooter in April of 2008.

I have enjoyed the scoot tremendously.

I took it with me on a trip to Italy and would have been lost without it. It was everything you said it would be and more.

Thank you so much."

Marie A. Antone Newton


"I'm now at my daughter's apartment in New York and have been trying out Scooter in the corridors.

Very impressed, I've even learned to get all the bits in the bag.

It is a beautifully engineered machine.

I guess the coupling that allows it to fold up was the major breakthrough. That is brilliant.

Best wishes"



"It's refreshing, to say the least, and exciting, and my new Scooter is a "HOOT!", it is peppy, easy to handle and a joy to use.

I have used mobility scooters for over ten years and never have I enjoyed a mobility scooter as much as I enjoy my Scooter.

Thanks all at Scooter."

Jim F,
Virginia, USA


"Thank you so very much.

Sending you deepest gratitude and all good blessings for what you do.

Looking forward to my new battery.

Love my scooter."

Barbara Lotz


"I ordered a Scooter Sept 7th and received it Sept 19th.

I used it for a wedding, 3 museums,2 nature boardwalks...My wife and I love it.

It is so much better than other larger scooters that I have , for travel.

Thank you"

John Isabelle


" I purchased a Travel Scoot from you last September 2007 for an extended cruise to Asia.

It paid for itself the first day of travel.


Walter Davis
Kailual, HI


"Kay is really getting some great use out of the Scooter. It really is quite remarkable.




"This is not an inquiry, but more in the nature of a 'testimonial'.

A wide and diverse group of friends recently joined together to purchase one of your scooters for a dear friend, who could not have afforded this on her own. Together, we bought the scooter for her and it was a smash success.

In her own words, her independence has been restored.

She recently used the scooter on a trip to her doctor's office, located within a hospital complex. This was the first time she was able to do the trip on her own, without exhaustion. She didn't have to depend on anyone else's schedule or to devote hours of their day to assist her. She was able to park the car in any lot, not worry about being close enough, and was able to negotiate the long hospital corridors, arriving at her doctor's appointment without being exhausted from having to walk through hallways.

Everyone stopped to ask her about the scooter - they had not seen anything like it before. Two women in electric wheelchairs expressed amazement, people opened doors, and there were even people ready to help her load the scooter in the car.

I can not thank you enough for putting together this type of a product, that has made such a huge difference to my dearest friend.


Ruth Sovronsky


"Thank you so much for designing and building the Travel scoot, what a wonderfull piece of engineering.

The scooter has completely changed my wife's life, she is now mobile again.

Again, thank you so much."

Ron and Jean Williams
Burlington, Ontario, Canada


"I love your new website and I love my new scooter that I got from you Tuesday.

On Saturday I took it to the New Mexico State Fair and for the first time in years I was able to enjoy all the exhibits.

I had never ridden a mobility scooter before but it was easy to learn how to ride and very easy to fold up and get it into and out of the back of my car by myself.

Thank you for an excellent product; it is practical and beautifully made.

I look forward to many more happy times with it."

Joanne Thompson


"I purchased a Scooter for my Mom a couple of months ago. We took it on a cruise in June and are taking it to Florida in a few days.

We love it.

Get the Lithium-Ion battery and the entire scooter assembled with battery weighs less than 35 lbs. I'm female and can handle it for my mom. It's a bit easier if one person presses the button to release the legs and another lifts the legs at the same time. But, it can be done by one person. It's not that the legs are heavy to lift -- they are very light. It's just doing two activities at once requires a bit of dexterity.

The Scooter is made from heavy duty aluminum and quite frankly we were surprised at how sturdy and reliable it is. It holds my mom comfortably and has lots of good pickup. We have yet to run out the battery. We went on numerous shore excursions on our recent cruise. Others were struggling with heavy scooters on the excursion bus lifts, etc. We just folded up the Scooter in 30 seconds and easily put it in the cargo area of the bus.

As another poster noted, it is not good for someone with no ability to walk and move their legs as you do need to back up with your feet and legs (in an elevator for example). Mom has serious arthritis and has had heart bypass surgery, so can only manage perhaps 20 steps without leg pain and shortness of breath. She is mobile enough to scoot out of an elevator using her feet and legs.

We're thrilled with it. I knew that anything heavier than the Scooter would simply not work for us on planes, buses and ships. We're very happy with the Scooter and would not want to deal with anything heavier or more cumbersome.

We had rented three-wheel scooters for mom at Disneyworld several times and, they are truly a pain to disassemble, lift, etc. They were such a pain that my brother, who travels with mom from time to time, was a total skeptic when I told him I'd ordered the Scooter -- and that it's really lightweight and sturdy. He said, "I'll believe it when I see it". He's now a convert! We think it's the best choice by far in lightweight travel scooters."

Lyncruiser Cool Cruiser
Cruise Critic Blogs


"Thanks so much for the Scooter. My mom is enjoying it immensely.

We're headed on another trip this weekend and the Scooter will be with us!

And thanks again for a great product! It's made all the difference for my mom.

Best regards,"

Mary Lyn


"My new Scooter is great, thank you for making such a fantastic product."

Paul Jennings
Liverpool, UK


"Your scooter profoundly changed my father's life for the better and gave him a freedom he otherwise would not have had.

Having seen people's response to your scooter and how it changed my father's life, I see there are a lot of people who could similarly benefit and on a commercial note South Africa could potentially be a large market. Would you be interested discussing the possibility an agency? Please let me know your thoughts.

Yours sincerely"

Dr Paul Freinkel
General Practitioner

The Village Medical Centre
12 Seventh Ave
Parktown North


"My Scooter arrived last Wednesday, and I am thrilled to have it.

I find the engineering to be elegant, the materials and construction to be excellent and the Scooter very easy to ride.

Having ridden motorcycles and bicycles for years, the twist throttle and the hand breaks are second nature to me and needed no practice to get used to.

I have named my scooter my "Hardly Ableson" (with apologies to the famous motorcycle company), and I find it delightfully liberating.

I'm a 76 year old man with a lot of arthritis. I can hardly walk the length of a block, but I'm still able to drive, and I load the Scooter the trunk and take it anywhere I want. Yesterday my wife and I went to the Humboldt County Fair. My Scooter got me everywhere we wanted to go with great ease and comfort. We are both delighted.

Many thanks for you great little scooter. It's worth every penny.


David Zeitlin
Eureka California


"I received the front wheel (thanks!) and my father-in-law absolutely LOVES the Scooter.

We brought it over to him yesterday and he immediately went all over his housing complex to visit his friends.

He had a smile on his face from ear to ear (his inability to walk any distances kept him pretty depressed) and said this will add years to his life.

He was so pleased it was light and small enough for him to handle. "

Gail Sternberg


"I have been absolutely thrilled with my Scooter.

I can put my resperonics oxygen unit on the maroon sling and bungy chord for extra safey and have been able to be mobile for the first time in a along time.

A major blessing for not only me but my family.

No longer left out when wanting to be with my grandchildren."

Barbara Lotz


"I am a 5'4" woman weighing 150 pounds. I have a damaged left shoulder and can not lift any weight with it.

With the lithium-ion battery, I can lift the whole scooter with my right arm, just using my left hand to steady it, and put it in or out of my small SUV. All that I have to do for it to fit is drop the handlebars down.

I have used the scooter at the mall and even taken it in to visit a friend in the hospital.

At Oshkosh, I used it on grass, gravel and hard surface with ease.

I was amazed at how long both of the batteries lasted.

My husband has a standing scooter to use at Oshkosh which can not be taken into the fly-in grounds like my Scooter and he was so worn out that he says he will get a Scooter for next year!

I am absolutely delighted with my Scooter and highly recommend it. Everything about it is very high quality and well designed.

Thank you for giving me the ability to keep up with my husband, travel, and do so many thing that I could not do otherwise!"

Margie Fenney


"My husband and I have been hectic and busy getting ready to move our entire household around the world to Nairobi, Kenya.

I *LOVE* my Scooter!

What a dependable little workhorse of a machine!

It got me reliably thru the airports (Dulles, in DC) and Amersterdam and then Nairobi. I've used it around the embassy and even out shopping.

We took it to the world famous Elephant Orphanage here in Nairobi and I used it on the paths and road - which consisted of hard packed red dirt and BIG rocks. Not one teensy little problem!!!

You wouldn't believe how much people stare at me here, and I've heard my Scooter referred to as my "little bicycle"!

You make a great product and I truly thank you!

Kathleen Wilkinson


"Recently we took a trip to Paris and of course took my Scooter. It was a long way from our commuter train to the Eurostar train.

To ease the luggage situation, I removed the saddle and put the carry handle of one of our suitcases over the U bar and then replaced the saddle. I also loaded another suitcase and a carry bag across the Scooter.

Refer to the attached photograph.

The Scooter did not notice the additional weight and was easy to manage. I also on another occasion dispensed with the suitcase across the Scooter and found that the Scooter was stable whilst towing the remaining suitcase, but then the centre of gravity of the suitcase drawbar was low and did not pose a threat to the stability of the Scooter. This, of course, meant that I could use both hands to control the Scooter and could negotiate my way easily through the crowds of people.

At Paris we visited Montmartre, home of the artists and street entertainers, the whole area is dominated by the white domed basilica of the Sacre Coeur. I managed to travel up the steep cobbled street from
the bus stopping area to the bottom of the Sacre Coeur, and down again with no problems. Anyone who knows the area will realize that this was no mean feat for the Scooter to perform.

The cobbled streets were fine to use provided that one travels at a slow speed to avoid being bounced about.

It is also so easy to take the Scooter on a bus, train or plane and to use it in confined spaces and crowded areas.

I can conclude by stating that the Scooter is a really great mobility scooter that will take a person over any type of paved surface, and up or down any reasonable slope with ease. It is a fantastic machine with good stability."

Michael (UK)


"Thank you for your prompt response to my warranty claim for a broken belt. It is refreshing to deal with people who stand behind their product.

It is a great product.

Thank you. I recomend Scooter to everyone who asks."

Ron Nagel


" I love the scooter. It has really made a difference.


Mark Naidoff


"We bought our Scooter in March and it is working beautifully.

We need an extra belt just in case one breaks during our trip to Mexico.

Thanks again it's a great product!!!"

Dianne Hendricks


" I've been very pleased with my Scooter so far. Even my husband is impressed that I can lift it in and out of car by myself therefore allowing me more independence than I had before purchasing it.

Thank you,"

Kristine Swyers


"My mother is still using her Travel-Scoot and loves it. My question is, does the scooter require any type of maintenance? She has used it for three or four years now, all over the country, on buses, trains, planes, automobiles and subways and couldn't travel without it. Do we have to do anything to it as in regular maintenance? We haven't done a thing, so far, except charge the batteries.




"My dad actually returned the Lexus Light, it was just too bulky for us, again we do a ton of air travel, we actually went down to pbi from jfk and bought

It is great for travel....small, and can hold up to 320 pounds...

This is not my dad's primary scooter for home, he has a Rally for regular use, but this Scooter folds into a large duffle bag, and we fold it up at the gate and gate check it with the strollers, and so on.

Hope this help.

All the best. "

Bill from Queens, NY


"Just to let you know how thrilled I am with my Scooter. It is so nifty to use in the Supermarket. I had been using the Supermarket mobility scooters, but they are so cumbersome, especially when turning into the aisles which are often packed with shelf packers trollies as well as shoppers. The Scooter turns easily within its own size, as well as being fun to operate and use.

I have tried, without success, to obtain a lightweight portable scooter in the UK . They are just not available in this country. Many suppliers advertise their products as being portable when in reality they actually mean transportable, provided that at least 2 fairly strong people load/unload their products into the trunk (boot) of cars. I find that I can load the Scooter into my car without help from others.

Thank you for restoring my mobility.




"We just got back from our cruise and the Scooter was wonderful!

I was able to go all over the ship and off the ship as well.

Thank you for this freedom!"

Bonnie Cordle


"Hello from Daniel, I am in Puebla, Mexico and have been here since I left your office.

Thanks for your help and for putting me in the hotel etc.; the scooter is very good to use and I like it a lot - many folk have asked me about it and I tell them your website address.

Your happy customer,"

Daniel Davies
Of London
On vacation in Mexico


"Received the business cards and pamphlets. Everything is first class with you isn't it? You certainly do know what is needed.

I'm still getting used to some things on my scooter but I love it more every time I use it. Hope we can drum up lots of business for you. Would you be going to the Oshkosh Fly-in this year?

My husband and son when last year. Our son is going this year...maybe Al too...who knows... Your scooter certainly would benefit you at a large fly-in like that."



"Hi - thanks for the scooter. I finally used it for some distance today, and it worked fine. I'm pleased.

Also, I get a lot of interest in the scooter.

People really love it. I drove it to my Pilates class this morning and everyone was amazed at its lightness and maneuverability.

Do you have some kind of flyer, or business card, I could hand out? I'm sure you would get some orders if I could tell people how to get in touch with you.


David Jeffrey


"We recieved the Scooter yesterday 10-3-08... I'm impressed , good build quality and looks very strong yet light weight.

Heather is pleased with the fine speed control and turning circle.

I have assembled and test rode around in the house with a couple of 7 a/h batteries I had from my security system .

I will source some 14 A/h batteries this week.


Bob McCann
Murarrie, Queensland


"We too have purchased baskets from our bike store for our Scoots. They do well when shopping for a few items, but not when you need to really grocery shop....and I hate using the motorized scooters in the stores. Way to many germs for my liking....and waaaaay too slow. In my head I keep thinking that using a bungee cord to pull a shopping cart behind me would work. My husband said it wouldn't. WAS HE EVER WRONG! I tried it just to prove him wrong. It worked easily even with a full load of groceries. I had lots of shoppers laughing at my shopping cart antics....but all were curious about my Scoot. Takes an old blonde!!

We took an 8000 mile cross country motor home trip last Fall. My Scoot took me everywhere I wanted to go. It's an amazing little machine and I've had a zillion questions about it while travelling.

Needless to say...I love my Travel Scoot."

Donna Stewart
Willow Creek Farm
Smith Mt Lake, Va.


"I have been meaning to drop a line or two to tell you how much I enjoy my Scooter.

I received it for Christmas 2007 from my family. What a surprise!

I can walk a little but not far. So when we go motorcycling etc I must sit somewhere so my friends and family can walk to other places that I can't navigate. One thing I really enjoy is not having to mess with the put, puts in the stores because they are so slow and hinder others I'm with.

I feel like I'm one of your sales persons. I get many remarks about my Scooter and every time I am out I am stopped and questioned about how to get a Scooterer for someone in their family or friends. We always give them your web site, which is beautiful, by the way. People are most surprised at how it folds up so quickly and can be put is the trunk and still have room for groceries. I get the biggest kick out of the very young children and how they watch me when I'm scooting around in the stores.

Thanks again."

Amanda Pontious
Mojave, California


"Received my scooter a couple of weeks ago and have taken it on vacation to Hot Springs Ar.

I absolutely love the freedom it provides me, being able to keep up with family and not slowing them down.

I have Ceberal Palsy and in the past I would tire out easy and have to sit for long periods or end the outing early.

Folds up and assembles quickly, easily stores in the trunk of the car. Very well engineered and very well built.

Thanks again for giving me my freedom back.

A very satisified customer"



"Just wanted to update you on the new Li-Ion battery and wish you Happy Holidays.

This new battery is fantastic.

It is a lot lighter and seems to hold a charge for a longer period of time.

My husband said it is easier to connect.

It was well worth the additional money.

I have only used the old batteries once since receiving the new battery.

Take care,"

Marilyn Long


"This isn't an's a word of praise!

I have been using my Scooter for several months now and am totally delighted with it!

Since I can walk some, but not too long, I can load and unload my scooter by myself, but find that people are kind and very often someone stops to help me, sometimes so that they can ask a few questions about the scooter and sometimes just because people are, contrary to public opinion, very kind!

Just after I received my scooter I got back in touch with you regarding a basket for the scooter and was very surprised that you don't sell one. I went to a bicycle shop and got two reed baskets, one to strap onto the front and one to strap onto the back. They are very helpful but quite small, so I can't carry too much. I use my scooter primarily in hospital clowning and you have no idea how much STUFF you have to carry as a clown! I think you could do your customers a real service by designing and selling a wire basket fitted to the maximum size for the scooter...and increase your bottom line, too.

One last thing that I have found...I primarily clown at a children's hospital and have found the scooter to be a wonderful help there...first of all, many children are in wheelchairs or other wheeled carts or on crutches and my being on the scooter brings me down to eye-level with them...and they respond beautifully to that! Of course, all the little boys are fascinated with it and always ask if they can ride it (actually, they say, "Drive it"). I don't, of course, let them do that. Also, the hospital is said to have seven miles of floors if you hit every department, every floor, and I was having trouble even covering one floor.

Also, I had given up on going to shopping malls...I just couldn't handle the walking, but now I scoot along the halls with no problem. The other day a man in an electric wheelchair shouted out to me, "Slow down...this isn't to Grand Prix, you know!" But then he wanted to know all about the scooter!

In your debt forever,"

Sally E. Nightengale


"I had to update you on my life with my Scooter.

I can now participate in swim aerobics because the scooter delivers me from the parking lot to the pool's edge.

I've enjoyed going with my grandchildren to the zoo and waterpark for hours at a time. My aunt calls me Speedy Pants!

Thank you so much for helping get back into the mainstream of life.

Retirement is fun now."

Pamela Wiley


"What a great scooter! I have put this unit through its paces for a month on the hilly streets of my neighborhood, on the city sidewalks, and while attending a weekend conference at a nearby resort.

The Travel Scoot is so much more stable than my No Boundaries Featherlite scooter due to the angled frame design and battery placement under the seat, all enabling the rider to maintain a low center of gravity.

I am absolutely in awe of the speed the tiny motor generates.

The Travel Scoot is so compact that it even fits in the trunk space of my Porsche, and I can load it easily with just one hand.

The Travel Scoot is the best!"

Byron L. McLean, Esq.


"I received my scoot and much enjoyed being able to attend the Washington Horse Show
for the first time in 10 years as the walking had been just too painful to even enjoy the event.


Carroll Bowers


"The replacement for my lost seat arrived right on time for my Alsaka Cruise. I left on Sept 8,2007 and was on the Cruise ship Serenade of the Seas at Vancouver Dock, by noon. The scooter was delivered to me in the evening. I unfolded it and started using it right away.

Through the whole cruise I used the scooter for going to dinging rooms for breakfast, lunch, dinner, all the events on the ship. I used it to move around in all the possible parts of the ships. Many persons inquired where I got the scooter. I told them Travel Scoot. They were amazed at the agility of the scooter.

I could not have enjoyed the cruise if I did not have your replacement seat for use on my scooter.

I used the scooter in Hanooka for moving to tram for the tram journery. I used the scooter to watch the Hubbard Glacier from the ship and go to Manenhall Glacier and watch the salmons, and the glacier mouth and the falls. At least 20 persons were amazed at its convenience, inquired and I told them where to get it.

Then we went to see the Jasper National Park. We visited all the attractions and I used the scooter for 3 days unfolding for use to see the attractions like Lake Louise, Lake Lorain, and many other places where I would be obliged to walk and I could not walk beyond about 150 feet.

I used on rough terrain with loose gravel and uneven surface and it did well. I could control wellin almost all the places I used it. I used it in restaurants, and in malls and mall shops.

I am very happy with my scooter.

Thank you,"

Ranchhodbhai Patel


"You may recall our conversation about the purchase of the Scooter for my wife. We had tried a "light weight" Lexis Scooter and found it to be not only not light weight, but not very convenient to fold up, assemble or LIFT into the car or airplane.

I was somewhat reluctant to purchase yours "sight unseen" for that reason. Your assurance and willingness to take it back if it didn't work for my wife's situation was what it took to get me to purchase it.

Boy, am I glad we did! It has given my wife a "new life".

She was pretty well getting homebound with the limitations of strenght and balance and nerve problems which make walkign with her walker so slow and painful that she just didnt' want to go very far.

We just got back from an Alaskan Cruise (our first vacation together in several years) and she had the time of her life. Was able to go exploring, not feel like she was holding anyone back and really learned how to drive (on the elevator....quick sharp 180 and ready to go least 50 times!). Only a couple "learning curve lessons" :-)

We got home from Alaska (Scooter in the overhead both ways), loaded it in the back of our Cessna 210 and headed up North where she rode it down the dock to our boat, we loaded it aboard for land tours at our destination and away we went.

You have no idea what your engineering genius has done for my lovely bride of 38 years! WE CAN TRAVEL TOGETHER AGAIN! And what a great piece of engineering!

Thanks for your kind approach to getting us on one of your scooters. We will always be indebted to you."



"The Scooter is wonderful.

I've enjoyed using it in "big box" stores and malls that I wouldn't have been able to explore because I have trouble walking great distances.

Many people have asked me about it and several "able bodied" people have remarked how they wish they had something like it to ride.


Wilda Dodson


"My friend, Nicholas and I went over to the wide cement area where the morning market is located and unpacked the new scooter.

In less than ten minutes it was put together and running.

Let me tell you it's so compact and easy to set up ... now less than 2 minuets ... steady, balanced, and small, when finished it just folds and tossed into the trunk and off I go!

I love it and after the gym tomorrow and some errands will try it out on rue Cler."

Edward J. CUNHA


"Thought I would give you the latest update on my scooter.

This past week my grandaughters were here for a visit. They are 16 months and almost 5 years old. We went to the store shopping for clothing for them and also went to the playground for them to play.

It was great being able to keep up with them. When we needed to cross the street the 5 year old would hold my hand and we were able to cross safely.

We also went to a "food court" for lunch and I didn't experience any problems getting around. The scooter pulled up to the table without a problem.

Also, I have found that it is very deceiving as far as the turn-around ability of the scooter. Many times I thought I wouldn't be able to turn around in the small aisle in the store or also move so easily between the clothes racks.

I'll keep you apprised up any new experiences with the scooter.

Hope all is well with you.

Marilyn Long
Castro Valley, CA


"I absolutely LOVE my Scooter!

Thank you,"

Sally Nightengale


"Well....he made his maiden voyage....and laughed all the way. We went to the village ...about 9 blocks away and then went up to see the ocean...about two more blocks....then home again....9 more blocks. Both are still on full charge. He liked how speedy it was. And was impressed
with it's performance.

He's happy Hardy. Thank you for letting me see him smile again."



"I recently returned from a month of traveling throughout Europe.

The scooter was a necessity. Scooter served me well.

I enclosed a picture from Venice showing our body guard lifting my scooter over some approaching steps. I have included it here, along with the names and addresses of people interested in purchasing that would like literature.

Sincerely yours,"

Paul J. Asher


"I just wanted to say how wonderful your scooter is!!!! It has given me back my mobility.

Do you have any brochures or business cards you could send me? I get soooo many inquiries about it.


JoAnne Cobb


"Having it now for 1 1/2 years, The Scooter has been a wonderful -it has provided many hours of ease of travel for shopping, appointments and travel-it has been the talk of many onlookers.

Thank you,"

Terri Zammataro


"I received my Scooter late yesterday afternoon and spent the evening reading the material and practicing setup and take down of the scooter.

Today I made a victory lap around our mall and I can't thank you enough for creating the perfect device to give me back my life.

On my first trip I was able to assemble and fold it back up in under 2 minutes and loved the freedom of being out of the house by myself.

I hope to earn enough "credit" with referrals to get the lighter/longer lasting battery but most of all I would like others with walking problems to know the feeling of independence that I now have! "

Pam Wiley


"Thought that you might like to see the Scooter in an airplane, Southwest, baggage bin. I carry the battery on and put it under the seat then put the Scooter in the overhead."

Boyd Maddox


"Do you have any Travel Scoot flyers that you could send me? I would like to include one in a few of my Christmas cards. Plus I would like to leave a couple in my doctor's office as well as one with my pharmacist. There are lots of elderly people here that might be interested in the Scoot. When using mine, there has been lots of interest. I'm glad you sent me some of your cards. I'll be happy to do a bit of advertising for you. Your product is well worth it. I'm very happy with mine. It's lots easier to transport than those other kind of scooters.....and performs well. I'm anxious to see how my husband likes it when he changes the gear and tries it out.

My local bike shop in NJ fitted mine with a basket on the back of it. The little canvas carrier underneath my feet was immediately claimed by my pup. He loves riding on it with me. From the day it arrived and the moment I first got on it, he was on it with me. And no matter how long I'm using it....that's where he stays. I sometimes have trouble getting him off of it when I get home. He wants to keep riding. He's become a very spoiled pup. I'm going to include his picture on it in my Christmas cards as well. Great advertisement for those of my friends who have small dogs or cats and are considering getting a transportation aid.

As you can see from this picture, I had just put the Scoot together when he claimed his place. I hadn't even tried it out yet.

Do have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Donna Stewart


" I just wanted to let you know what a success the Scooter was on my recent cruise.

I could have sold a dozen or more for you.

I did point out your web address, so hope that genuine orders follow.


Elisabeth Tucker
United Kingdom


"i just came back from a cruise. the scooter was a blessing, so many people wanted to know where i got it and i gave them your web site.

it was perfect.

thank you,"

rose marie


"the Charcot Marie Tooth Association has added your company to its website for people
interested in scooters. just wanted to let you know.

I am having such a great time with my scooter. i have gone places I havent been able to go in years.

thanks...Keep me in mind if people from the area want to talk to a customer."



"I´m Bernd Koschier - owner of

I already sold some of your fantastic units here in Germany - buying it from LANZ.

The users are really happy with it - sometimes nearly fanatic since it gives them a chance to travel by plane, car, train.

Congratulations on this product! Well chosen components and very very innovative folding system!

Regards from Munich"

Bernd Koschier


"After viewing your Scooter on the Discovery Channel, I decided to call your 800 number.

I'm a retired gentlemen with walking difficulties over a 100 meters.

At first, I was concerned about my weight being too much for the small Scooter, weighing about 320lbs. But, after visiting with you in West Palm Beach and trying out the Scooter, I changed my mind and purchsed one.

I have nothing but good things to say.

Surprisingly satisfied with the control and unbelievable speed this unit has. At least 5-6 miles per hour. My weight doesn't interfere with construction of this strong unit. It gets you to your location quickly. Easy to charge battery after usage. Easy foldable unit for travel. And easy to open in minutes.

I recommend this Scooter for everyone.


Barry Scheiner,
West Palm Beach Florida


"We have used our Scoot several times now and are very, very pleased.

Its user can handle it independently and loves the freedom it provides -- she's off shopping right now.

Thank you,"

Liz Esterly


"I just received my scooter 2 weeks ago.

I love it.

We took on a trip and it was so easy to use and put together.

I don't use scooters because I can 't judge. But this one is easy for me to use, I was scared at first but once I got on it , I was able to take off.

My parents are older and this is just what we need, I have cerebral Palsy.

Thank you for my scooter,"

Diana Pressnell


"We have just returned from our trip to Sweden, with the two Scooters that our daughter, Margarete Chase, purchased on our behalf. It was a wonderful trip and the little scooters really expanded our opportunities to move around and enjoy the sights over a much wider range without having to use our walkers.

Overall, the trip to Sweden and the Scooters were a complete success. The scooters will continue to be most helpful here at home. It is a markable devise, and was the object of amazement -- and some amusement -- in Stockholm.

Very sincerely,"

Archer Taylor


"You will recall that my wife and I visited with you on the 8th of March and purchased a Scooter.

We are absolutely delighted with the TravelSccot.

We have taken it on several trips since purchasing it and I found it a wonderful aid to my wife's mobility.

Thank you for developing it.

We recently took it to Europe for three weeks. We visited France, Switzerland and Germany during that period.

Of interest, prior embarking an that trip I contacted you regarding possibly increasing torque on the drive train (improving hill climbing ability) for the scooter. My wife had previously encountered problems in moving up sloping decks at yacht clubs we had visited. You sent me a higher ratio gear that I installed. With that change the scooter performed magnificently on the hills we encountered in Europe.

One of those hills was the footpath leading up to Neuschwanstein - I am confident you are familiar with this path. We also found the weight of the Scooter to be good. We found little difficulty in moving the Scooter on and off the city trams we used in, for example, Basel.

Last, let me again share our pleasure with the Scooter.


Dennis L. Constant


" I tried other scooters for her but they were too big...she is not very tall...and she felt overwhelmed. We refer to the Scooter as being able to do the "Fred Flintstone Stop" if she has to. She likes having that kind of control.

We had this 79 y/o lady all over The El in Chicago, downtown Chicago, in and out of the subways and elevators and this was the very first weekend she had the scooter. She really enjoys it. And of course, all of her kids and grandkids had to have a go at it, too!

She is coming to Alaska to visit for a month and the first thing she asked me was if she could bring her scooter with her!

Thanks for your help."

Nancy Salois, LPN


"I just wanted to report on my first use of my Scooter:

It arrived Thursday morning, 1 hour before I left. We took it out of the box, opened it long enough to get the manual out, zipped it back up and packed it in the car.

When we arrived in Arlington, VA some 7 hours later and got into our hotel room, I finally had a chance to LOOK at it.

As the batteries charged, (soon to find out that they were already pretty much charged) we got the scoot out and put it together...took maybe 10 minutes at the most.

I then took my first ride around the Hyatt Crystal City to get used to it before riding it in the huge crowds to follow the next day. Not ONE issue, except remembering to use the brakes-or at least being ready to. I used it the rest of the week-end, running it hard and showing it off.

It was much easier to use than my Revo, but I still had to leave it some places as the space between tables was tight. I began using the SLA battery and used it all week-end and it was still "in the green" when we packed it back up. I can't imagine how long the NIMH battery will last!!!

I can't tell you the feeling of freedom I now have since I have found that this is something I really can manage on my own. Thank you so much for inventing these.

I spent a lot of time talking to folks about the scoot and gave out the website a couple of times. I hope they look at it.

Well, just thought I would let you know how it went. As I have new experiences, I will send a note. I guess you get these all the time though, huh? Anyway...


T. Deeb


"I can’t tell you the feeling of freedom I now have since I found the Scooter. I have told everybody that will listen about how my freedom came in a duffel bag! "

T. Deeb


"We received the Scooter is wonderful! It will certainly provide the mobility and convenience you advertise.

It will be used for many adventures and trips by a handicapped individual. She already has a 3-wheel Pride scooter but it difficult to take on airplane trips and it heavy for road trips.

Your Scooter is just what we wanted...thank you, thank you. "

Terri Zammataro


"I want to let you know how thrilled I am with my Scooter.

My husband and I recently went to Germany to visit our daughter and son-in-law, they took us to so many places that I would never get to see without having the scooter.

It’s wonderful in the airport I went right to the plane.

Having the scooter have brought much joy and now I can keep up with everybody. A GREAT little machine!"

Marilou Steil







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