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Travel scooter The biggest differences between the original Traveler models and the Xtra Hybrid Traveler models are more leg room, a larger, upgraded vinyl seat, higher ground clearance and a high quality gloss paint job instead of colored plastic. “We are proud to introduce these high quality and low maintenance travel mobility scooters from Zip'r Mobility Solutions Corp. to more consumers,” said Hulet Smith, Founder and CEO of Rehabmart. “Whether you just require a scooter to tour around your house and the supermarket, or you require a heavier capacity scooter to do some serious traveling, Zip'r Mobility has got you covered with the right solution for your unique mobility needs.”

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  Travel scooter Zip'r Mobility offers several different styles of travel mobility scooters to fit the different requirements of a wide and varied population, including the Zip'r3 Traveler, the Zip'r3 Xtra Hybrid Traveler, the Zip'r4 Traveler and the Zip'r4 Xtra Hybrid Traveler. All of these scooters feature a 250 pound weight capacity, an adjustable rotating seat, front and back basket brackets, headlight, drop and go battery box and flat-free, non-marking tires. The Zip'r3 Traveler and Xtra Hybrid Traveler feature 3 wheels and offer a 30 degree turning radius, while the Zip'r4 Traveler and Xtra Hybrid Traveler feature 4 wheels and offer a 38 degree turning radius. Because of the wire-free assembly, all of these scooters can be assembled in less than 20 seconds—just drop in the battery box and go!
Travel Scooter an online e-commerce company that sells rehabilitation and medical supplies, has joined into a distribution partnership with Zip'r Mobility Solutions Corp., LLC, to offer travel mobility scooters to a larger consumer market. Headquartered in North Bend, Washington, Zip'r Mobility is the premier manufacturer of travel mobility products. As a classification of power and non-power mobility products, 'travel mobility' refers to products that can be easily transported and assembled. At Zip'r Mobility, they take pride in designing and manufacturing superior quality and simple to operate and maintain mobility products that are also affordable, calling this “Simplicity in Mobility”. Since all they create are travel mobility products, they are able to keep their focus and concentration on the needs of the customers who require these products, fulfilling these needs with their innovative product designs.  



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