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strong mobility scooter

Strong mobility scooter.. Why Choose A Mobility Scooter?

Not every person who has mobility difficulties needs a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair. You may still feel confident when walking around your home and yard but prefer the stability of a wheeled ride when you go out, or you might just need a lift due to a medical condition that is exacerbated by long periods of walking, such as cardiopulmonary deficiencies or arthritis. Whatever your reason, a mobility scooter offers the convenience of a wheeled mobility aid with a higher potential for customization than a wheelchair. Mobility scooters also have higher top speeds than electric wheelchairs do, so if you want to be able to travel to your destination more quickly, a mobility scooter is the way to go if your medical needs allow for it.

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  Strong mobility scooter. Our team of mobility scooter specialists is always eager to answer your questions about our scooters and help you find the mobility scooter that will best satisfy your transportation needs. To speak with a representative.
Strong mobility scooter. Know Your Mobility Scooter Types

Our selection of mobility scooters includes models designed to meet a wide range of user needs and preferences. Generally, our mobility scooters fall into one of four categories:

•Travel mobility scooters are lightweight and maneuverable. They are usually made to either fold or be disassembled for better portability, allowing you to load most of these scooters into a car so you don't have to use a vehicle lift to carry your mobility scooter with you on trips away from home.
•3 wheel mobility scooters require less space to turn around than their 4 wheel counterparts, but are usually not as stable as 4 wheel models. We recommend 3 wheel scooters for people who will mainly be using their mobility scooter indoors.



Strong mobility scooter

•4 wheel mobility scooters have less maneuverability than 3 wheel models and require more room to turn around, but their stable wheel bases lessen the likelihood of the scooter turning over during operation. We recommend 4 wheel scooters to customers seeking a versatile mobility aid that can operate well both indoors and outdoors.
•Heavy duty mobility scooters are designed to handle rough terrain and carry heavier weight loads than the various smaller scooter models. Extra wide wheelbases and high ground clearance allow these mobility scooters to go places others can't.







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