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Powered Outdoor Scooter

Powered outdoor scooter as "BEST Outdoor / Heavy Duty Scooter"

We gave the "Best Outdoor / Heavy Duty Scooter" award to Pride's Wrangler scooter because it met our criteria for a tough, durable and ready-for-anything vehicle. A high quality American Made product, the Wrangler is perfect for any outdoor activity.
•Quality - Honestly American-Made quality was the most important consideration for this award. The Wrangler is made here in the US, and judging from the feedback we've gotten is extremely durable and reliable.

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  Powered outdoor scooter
•Speed - Outdoor use tends to be more serious. You're out there to get something done! Serious playing requires enough speed to get the job done. The Wrangler can zip around at 10mph.

•Power - The Wrangler is really powerful. It sports a 200-amp Curtis microprocessor-based controller which control it's two(2) independent in-line gear motors for maximum positive traction. Along with the larger Group 27 batteries, Wrangler gives you optimum levels of power and torque.

•Capacity - The Wrangler has a rated weight capacity of 400lbs. Enough for you and the clubs or grandkids.

•Tires - The large 6" x 13" tires are made for all-terrain surfaces and, along with rear suspension, make the Wrangler extremely flexible outdoors
Powered outdoor scooter •Amazing Ground Clearance - Ground Clearance is critical for a vehicle going over obstacles, rocks, curbs and for rough or muddy terrain. The Wrangler is up high with a 7" ground clearance.
•Comfort! - On top of all that the Wrangler comes with a luxury contoured, high-back seat and with an adjustable headrest. The seat is equipped with a tilt/reclining mechanism, full-range forward/backwards sliding and rotating ability. It even has lumbar support! The armrests can be adjusted not only up and down but in and out for maximum comfort.



Powered outdoor scooter

Our Thoughts…
The Wrangler is really a step above a scooter, Pride calls it a PMV-Personal Mobility Vehicle, which well describes the nature of this capable machine. For instance, the Wrangler is wonderful for Golf... a Golf Bag Holder is an available option. It's nimble, with rear suspension, dual motors (for balanced torque) and large 13" all-terrain tires to get over or around nearly anything. It's ready for outdoor work. In this class many people may consider a 4 wheel combustion engine vehicle but we feel that the quiet electric engine is better (sure enough the birds are singing). The Turning Radius is a bit wide, as you might expect for this large a vehicle, but we don't think it is an issue for most outdoor uses. We also think you should consider the Weather Breaker Canopy. Reviews we've read indicate that the Wrangler will perhaps last even longer than you'd like!

Our Criteria for the BEST Outdoor/Heavy Duty Scooter: To be best for outdoor usage (we considered Golf, hiking, gardening, farming, even hunting) the winner should have:
•High Quality: We wanted a high quality American-Made product that was extremely durable given that an outdoor scooter can expect some pretty serious knocks.
•Power - We wanted something that had some real power to avoid getting stuck and to navigate rough terrain. Also it had to have enough battery range to last the day (or at least 9 holes/7-8miles). We were looking for at least 18 miles for the winner of this class. (Wrangler:20mph)

•Speed - We were looking for a fast scooter too. Most scooters run in the 5mph range, we wanted at least 8mph (Wrangler max speed: 10mph) For reference: walking:~3mph jogging:~6mph running:10-12mph.

•Adequate Capacity - It needed to have a maximum capacity for a larger man to haul the clubs, potting soil or grandkids. We were looking for at least 375lb capacity. (the Wrangler has 400 lb capacity)
•Larger tires - over 10" For outdoor terrain and good suspension.

•Good Ground Clearance: over 4.5” (The Wrangler has a whopping 7" ground clearance.)

Note: These awards are solely based on the opinion of DiscoverMyMobility, are not in any way influenced by the manufacturers we represent, and do not say anything bad about products that did not ‘win’. Our purpose in defining the BEST product of a type is to make the shopper’s job easier. There are a huge number of mobility scooters and power chairs available. Where do you start? How do you decide? We decided first to ‘go American-Made’ and then to define within that, which product would be best for a particular profile. We hope you find it helpful. Let us know.







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