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Make sure you have sufficent insurance coverage if you or another person is injured while you are on your mobility scooter. Powered mobility scooter.

Powered mobility scooter. Accidents between mobility scooters and cars and mobility scooters and pedestrians do happen. We are nationwide dealers and suppliers for: mobility scooters, battery operated disability mobility aids and aids for walking. We have low cost and affordable electric powered medical mobility aids like mobility scooters, over-sized heavy duty scooters, electric shopping carts, rollators, wheeled walkers and ultra lightweight motorized scooters and wheelchairs. You will find a large selection of chairs that lift you up including seat assist recliner lift chairs, power wheelchairs with elevating seats. If you need to transport your portable scooter then we also supply scooter and wheelchair lifts for vans, SUV's, trucks, RV's, motor homes and autos. We also supply, hospital beds, patient lifts and travel / battery operated CPAP machines and walk-in tubs / spa's.

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  Make sure you have sufficent insurance coverage if you or another person is injured while you are on your mobility scooter. Powered mobility scooter.
Powered mobility scooter. Accidents between mobility scooters and cars and mobility scooters and pedestrians do happen.  



Powered mobility scooter Lift Chair Recliners Mobility Scooters Power Wheelchairs Walk-In Tubs / Spa's Walking Aids Wheelchair Lifts Wheelchairs Stair Lifts CPAP Machines Wheelchair Ramps Power Hospital Beds Wheelchair Batteries .Nationwide Sales and Service: We have 1000+ service technicians across the USA that will locally provide you with In-Home Service if you need assistance with installation, service and/or support. We work with other dealers and individual contractors nationwide in order to serve our customers in the comfort of their own home. You can rest assured that we can provide you with excellent assistance with your mobility aid purchase and support.
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Ranging from Motorized Wheelchairs to Disability Mobility Aids & Aids for Walking Like Wheeled Walkers and Rollators. EasyMedOnline will help you select the product you require. We have thousands of satisfied customers coast to coast.

Shop top brands including Pride Mobility, Invacare, Drive Medical, Shoprider, Golden Technologies, Activecare, Pacesaver, EV Rider, Medline and more.

Expert Advice: When you buy an assistive mobility equipment like mobility scooters, lift chairs and power wheelchairs, it can often raise questions. Our customer service group understand the mobility equipment purchasing process. Because we are nationwide were hear all the good and bad about mobility products. We're ready to provide you with the expert advice you require including Medicare questions for Medicare scooters / carts and Medicare lift chairs. So if you're looking to buy for yourself or family members, we make buying motorized mobility aid products easy.

Medicare Covered Power Assist Mobility Products:
Medicare Covered Lift Chairs, Medicare Covered Scooters.

Authorized Dealers: We are authorized dealers for Phillips Resperonics, Pride Mobility, Invacare, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, Activecare, Pacesaver, Shoprider, Zip'r, EV Rider, Harmar, Silver Star, E-Z Carrier, Tilt-A-Rack, MK Battery, Universal Power Group (UPG), ROHO, AirFlo and more.

Online Help with troubleshooting / repairs: Troubleshooting / Repairs for Mobility Scooters, Electric / Power Wheelchairs, Lift Chairs...

When you buy from us you can select from the top brands and models of power scooter and chairs like: The Pride Mobility Scooters like the Go-Go Elite Travel , Go-Go Ultra X , Go-Go Elite Plus Traveller , Victory 10 3 / 4 wheel, Victory 9 3 / 4 wheel, Maxima, Pursuit, Celebrity, Legend.

Pride Mobility Power Wheelchairs like the Jazzy Select, Jazzy Select GT, Jazzy Select 6, Jazzy 600, Jazzy 614, Jazzy 1650 Heavy Duty, Jazzy 1170, Jazzy 14, Jazzy 600, Jet 3, Pride Go-Chair, Jazzy Traveller, Z-Chair.

Drive Medical scooters like the Phoenix, Daytona GT 3 / 4 Wheel, Odyssey.

Pacesaver - Plus III, Espree / Atlas, Fusion 350, 450, Eclipse Premier.

Activecare - Spitfire, Pilot, Prowler, Osprey.

Pacesaver - Espree Premier 3, Fusion 250 / 350 / 450, Pacesaver Plus III, Espree Atlas 3, Eclipse Premier Titan 4, Scout M1, BOSS.

Invacare - Lynx 3 / 4 Wheel, Leo, Pronto M51, Pronto M91, Pronto M51, Pronto M61, Pronto M94, Pronto M41.

Shoprider Scooters like the Echo, Scootie, Sprinter XL / Deluxe, Start, Dasher, Sunrunner.

Golden Technologies Scooters like the Buzzaround, Avenger, Companion, Lite Rider..

Zip'r Mobility Scooters like the Zip'r Roo, Zip'r Traveler.

Sales & Service Nationwide for Lift Chairs.

Sales & Service Nationwide for Mobility Scooters.

Sales & Service Nationwide for Power Wheelchairs.

Sales & Service Nationwide for Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts.

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