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Powered Handicap Scooter

Powered Handicap Scooter Power chairs and mobility scooters are two different types of mobility products with specific features to meet different user needs. Since both are used for disabilities and medical conditions, they are often incorrectly lumped together as handicap or medical scooters.

To determine whether a Power Chair or Scooter is the best solution for your needs, you should consider your physical condition and abilities, where you will use the equipment and your personal safety. You will also need to consult your personal physician to discuss the best fit for you.

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  Powered handicap scooter Maneuverability
•Turning radius as small as 20 inches
•Navigates narrow hallways, thresholds, uneven surfaces and tight spaces
•Easy-to-use "joystick" controller
•32-inch turning radius
•Travels best on even surfaces
•Move forward and backward using lever on either side of the handlebars
•Release lever to stop
•Use the handlebars on the steering "tiller" to turn left or right
Powered handicap scooter Whether you are currently handicapped, have a disability due to illness, or are just having problems getting around your home, a power chair or scooter can help you overcome your medical needs.

For more information on our complete line of power chairs and scooters, call today for a free Mobility Consultation.

Power Chair Scooter
Preferred for In-Home Use Preferred for Outdoors and Travel



Powered Handicap Scooter

•The armrests, footrest and seat back angle can be adjusted
•A comfortable seat with a contoured back delivers all-day comfort
•Limited seat modifications
•Adjustable handlebars
•Not programmable
•No adaptable medical-related accessories

Safety & security
•The safest option for many disabilities
•Anti-tip wheels provide extra stability
•Set the maximum speed with a speed dial on the handlebars







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